5 Things To Look For When Buying An Electric Golf Trolley

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An electric trolley is far more efficient when out on the golf course for a couple of hours; walking round 18 holes with clubs on your back is not easy and takes away energy that could be better spent on your stroke play.

The electric trolley is becoming the new personal caddy. It requires minimum effort from the user, carrying the clubs so the golfer doesn’t have to. This is, of course, a major benefit but they can be a more expensive option as a result, so you want to make sure you get the right one. If you have already made the decision to buy one but haven’t decided which one yet, here are five things you need to think about:

  1. Battery Power – One of the most important things to think about when purchasing an electric trolley is the battery because you are not going to get very far without it. How long will it last on a single charge? In other words, will it get you round the course? How quickly can it be re-charged? What is the lifespan? You want it to last as long as possible but you can obviously replace it. Take a look at Pure Drive Batteries where you will be able to find replacements for most brands. A key thing to look at with batteries is whether you get lead acid or lithium form. Lead acid are cheaper, but they are also larger, heavier and don’t last as long as lithium batteries.
  1. Accessories – Golf trolleys can come with a range of accessories that can improve their use and add to their functionality. Due to the battery it will come with a display screen; battery levels, time and power levels are good to have on here, distance measuring and pedometers are less important. Accessories could also include umbrellas, scorecard, drink or phone holders and even a USB port for charging phones. You may want to look at these to make sure you get what you really need. Some come built-in to the trolley with the option to add others on, but the cost of these can add up.  
  1. Speed – You need to be able to control the trolley and most importantly the speed. Some models have a basic on/off with a pre-set power level, others have a speed dial so you can control it. Some have braking systems that are particularly good for hilly courses. At the very top of the range you can get hi-tech remote controlled trollies.
  1. Size and Weight – It may do all the hard work on the golf course but you still need to get it there. Will it fit in your car? Are you able to lift it into the boot? Is it easy to assemble? Lots of trolleys are collapsible, making for easy transportation. You may want to check that the one you are looking at can do this and how small this will fold up. You may also want to bear in mind that the smaller a trolley folds up the longer it will take to do so, because of more moving parts. However, this will be particularly handy if you have a small boot, as it will provide a lot of extra space when in your car and at home or in the garage.
  1. Materials – Aluminium, Titanium or Steel? Well, Aluminium is extremely lightweight and the trolley will therefore glide around the course. However, the soft finish of the metal means it may dent easily. Titanium is lightweight and strong, but it is one of the most expensive options. Steel is the heaviest option, however it is strong, durable and will feel lighter when mounted on stable wheels.
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