5 Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

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Your car is an expensive piece of machinery, and for many people it’s impossible to live without one. It’s essential for driving to work, running errands, and socializing with your loved ones, and that’s why it’s so important that a car owner takes good care of their vehicle.

The average lifetime of most cars is around 12 years, but with enough love and care, you could keep yours running for a lot longer. There are several ways you can minimize damage and wear to your vehicle, lengthening its lifespan while also minimizing the cost of maintenance and repairs. To get you started, here are five tips to keep your car in good condition.

Drive carefully

One of the most common causes of damage to a car is poor driving. Not paying attention to the road and other drivers around you can lead to all sorts of accidents from scraping bollards to full on pile-ups. Being a more considerate and observant road user will make you less likely to avoid incidents and keep your car in fighting condition for longer.

Drive smoothly

Driving well is not just about avoiding accidents. The manner in which you drive plays a huge part in the amount of wear and tear your vehicle takes on over time. If you are an erratic driver who likes to floor the accelerator and brake quickly at junctions then you are putting considerably more strain on various components of the car than is necessary. In order to prolong your motor’s life, it is best to accelerate gently and slow down by coasting where possible, rather than slamming on the brakes.

Check your fluids

A car relies on various different fluids to keep it going. It needs oil and coolant in order to function properly, as well as windscreen wash to clear any dirt from the glass and ensure you can actually see where you’re going. A lot of modern cars now have sensors that will warn you if your levels are getting low, but if not, then you should check them regularly. If the oil or coolant runs out, this could have disastrous consequences for the engine and end up costing you a huge sum of money. It only takes a minute to check your fluids, so make sure you do this twice a month to be safe.

Check your tyres

Low tyre pressure is one of the biggest dangers for any driver heading out on the road, yet so few people actually take the time to check them regularly. Ensuring you keep your tyres inflated to the recommended level will not only prevent a nasty blowout on the highway, but will also make your car a lot more fuel-efficient. Make sure you also check the tread depth too, as this is an indicator of how worn out your tyres are.

Have it serviced regularly

A lot of drivers only take their car in for a service when there is an issue, but you should really make it a regular thing. Taking in your car to a mechanic annually will help to identify any red flags and keep it in optimum condition for as long as possible.

Image Credits: Tyler Clemmensen

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