5 Top Destinations for a Sports Holiday

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For those of us who love staying active, or are passionate about a sport, then having a sports activity holiday is one way to spend some time doing what you like best. From adrenalin fuelled adventure to working on your personal fitness goals, there is an activity holiday for everyone. If you are looking for some inspiration on where to go to enjoy some of the most popular sports, this guide gives you five of the best destinations.

  1. Florida, USA

With its beautiful scenery and coastline, Florida is home for many sports activities. If water sports are your thing, how about going river rafting, tubing or parasailing in Miami? Or for something a little different, try deep sea fishing with fish Miami charters. Check out the Keys for shipwreck diving and snorkelling, or if you prefer your feet on dry land, head for one of the beautiful hiking trails of Blackwater River State Forest or Little Talbot Island.

  1. Jamaica

Famed for its white, sandy beaches and chilled atmosphere, Jamaica is a great place to go if you like sporting adventures combined with a little luxury! With crystal clear waters, activities like diving and snorkelling are a must. If you want things a little more action-packed, how about hiring a jet ski or having a go at wakeboarding or water skiing? With its diversity of natural habitats, Jamaica is an excellent place for hiking and enjoying nature, and is one of the tops bird-watching destinations in the world.

  1. Croatia

Croatia is one of Europe’s hidden gems, with varied terrain including miles of coastline as well as being home to the easternmost part of the Alps. This variety means you get all water sports you’d expect from a warm climate, as well as mountain sports like skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. Croatia is also a great place to go hiking and cycling, and exploring some unspoiled natural areas.

  1. Spain

Home of Flamenco dancing, Spain has a rich and vibrant culture that makes it a great place for a holiday, and to take part in sports and fitness. Enjoy a fitness retreat with yoga and Pilates classes just a short walk away from golden sandy beaches, or go horse riding along the surf. The nation’s favourite sport is football, so if you are a keen player, why not join a football camp and fine-tune your skills?

  1. Nepal

For those who like to test their strength and stamina against the world’s highest peaks, there is nothing quite like a trip to Nepal. While scaling Mount Everest is probably not on your to-do list, there are plenty of snowy peaks that you can manage in this amazing country. Other activities include canoeing, rafting, and mountain biking.

When you enjoy an active lifestyle, then having an action holiday where you can test yourself, make new friends, as well as trying new things, is something that you will treasure. So, choose a sports holiday at one of these top destinations, and you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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