5 Ways to Make Your House Feel More Like a Home

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Making a house into a home is a big part of feeling comfortable in your space. There’s a notable difference between a place you live in and a place where you truly feel at home. Achieving a feeling of home can be especially important when you’re living in a rental or an apartment.

With just a little effort, you can gain a better understanding of how to facilitate the transition. Take a moment now to read through these simple tips that will help you turn your cold spaces into a place to call home.

Display cherished moments on the wall

Pictures from a super awesome family vacation are a great addition to your walls. You can also add shadowboxed art to the wall. Have your favorite images custom framed, and adorn the walls with the best of your life moments.

Once you’re done decorating the walls, you may want to consider displaying mementos and valued collections around your home. Decorating with things you’ve collected over the years will help you feel more at home, and it will spark conversation with inquisitive visitors.

Make your home smell delicious

The smell of your place matters too. When you walk into your home, you want that familiar sweet smell to blast you in the senses.

Find a signature smell for your space, and work to keep it constant. You’ll notice when you go away for a few days, the smell of your suitcase will even offer you comfort. A great smelling home is essential, so make moves to craft something special today.

Add a few house plants

Adding plants to your spaces comes along with a long list of benefits. Live plants in your home will help to filter and clean the air you breathe and work as tiny air purifiers. Added greenery also helps you have calming dreams at night.

There’s no downfall to bringing a bit of nature inside your space, just make sure you know what you’re bringing into your home. If you have pets, make sure the plants don’t pose a threat to your animals.

Soften the textures around your home

Cold and rigid surfaces don’t scream comfort. Adding some softer textures to the interior design of your house can make it feel a lot more like a home. Your couches are a great place for a few throw blankets and pillows. Add curtains to the windows instead of just blinds.

Add the right lighting to your spaces

The lighting in a space makes for a certain feeling as well. White walls and fluorescent lighting feels cold and institutional. Add warmer lighting for a warmer feel to your home.

Image Credits: Prudence Earl

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