The 6 Secrets To Creating Your Perfect Master Bathroom

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Every home should have a room that you can escape to when you’ve had a hard day. It should be your own little sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. Of course, it should also be the place where you prepare for the busy day ahead, so you’re rejuvenated and energised. This is, of course, your master bathroom. As ensuites go, they tend to be quite small. But if you’re ready to make some major refurbishments, then read on to find the 6 secrets to creating the perfect bathroom:

Get Some Help

This is a room worth investing in. And it’s supposed to become a sanctuary, not a reminder of all the hard graft and tears of frustration that went into creating it! Hire a builder who is experienced with bathroom renovations that can project manage and find the plumbers and electricians you need. Alternatively, head to a bathroom store that also installs. Remember, you don’t have to buy everything in that store – most will install things you have purchased elsewhere as well.

Design Your New Layout

You don’t have to hire an architect to design your new bathroom, but if you’re making a lot of structural changes, it might be a good idea. Your builder might be happy to work off-plan, but it’s best if you can see what they’re supposed to be building for you before they start. Once you know the new dimensions, you can make decisions about the size and position of all the facilities.

The toilet is usually best placed close to the soil pipe. If want your toilet in a different position, you might need to ask for planning permission. You might need to go through detailed building regulations to seek approval. That doesn’t mean you can’t radically change the design. And you can usually change the type of toilet you have to one of the ones you might see at This means back to wall and wall mounted toilets could be ideal for your new bathroom.

Get A Tub – A Really Good Tub

Most of us only use our home bathrooms once in the morning for a shower and briefly in the evening for brushing teeth. You should still get a bathtub in there if you can. It is thought this could increase the value of your home. If this room is going to be your very own home spa, then why not get a jacuzzi spa bath tub? Most systems offer massaging jets of bubbles. You can then choose to add therapy lights and even a sound system in there.

Brand new houses tend to have quite small tubs. As humans are getting bigger, not smaller, this can be quite frustrating. It’s time for a proper tub! Choose a deep and long bathtub that suits even the tallest member of the family. Roll tops look amazing, but they tend to be shorter. They also take up a lot of room in the bathroom! Go for a P shape to get the most legroom.

Tile It All The Way

Bathrooms get steamy so make sure any paint you use is proper bathroom paint. This should be used for the wood in the room such as the door and the skirting boards. You should also choose bathroom purpose paint for the ceiling too. As for the walls? Tiles are best. Yes, they cost more and take days to install. But once they’re there, you’re less likely to suffer mouldy walls or stains that ruin the surface. Have a look at for ideas about putting up your tiles. They’re easier to clean and more hygienic too.

Nicely lit modern bathroom

Some homes with wooden floorboards can’t take the weight of large sized floor tiles in the bathroom. You can reinforce the floor, or use a tile-effect vinyl covering. This is just as hygienic, but not as hard wearing as tile. Tiles on the floor, of course, tend to become slippery when wet, so use a floor mat.


Your choice of lighting is really important in the bathroom. It’s important to have a lit and magnifying mirror in there so you can see your face up close. You might choose to have ceiling spots. These should be carefully placed to offer the best light where you need it.

Of course, you might choose to have some colour changing LED lights in there. Light therapy is thought to be very relaxing and might even promote healing. Add some scented candles and soft music through your Bluetooth bathroom speakers. Now you can enjoy maximum relaxation.

Why not have a TV at the end of your tub or on the shower wall? These are available in a range of sizes, and the mirror finish is perfect for any bathroom. You can stream your favourite on-demand services, watch a movie, or listen to music, using your splash-proof remote control. Perfect for catching up with the news when you’re getting ready for work too.


Bathroom furniture should always be white, but the shape you choose is up to you. Contemporary designs are quite square in shape and offer compact solutions for small spaces. Even the bathtub can be matched to this design, and there are plenty of taps to coordinate perfectly. You don’t have to buy everything from the same range, either. Sometimes it’s better to find the things you like rather than buying a package deal. If you have elderly at home, a solid teak shower bench is a must have for their safety and convenience.

Towel radiators come in various shapes and designs. Mirrored chrome finishes are very popular. Of course, you might prefer a full mirror design with towel bar instead, if you’re short of space on the wall. Many shower screens come with a fitted towel bar too so you shouldn’t be short of towel hanging choices here.

If you have to use a shower over the bath, then opt for a mixer tap that offers high pressure. You can check this on the packet or information leaflet for the taps. Some designs use two taps, but this can be tricky to get the temperature how you like it every time. Don’t forget – your hot water boiler might make all the difference to pressure in the bathroom. How would you design your dream bathroom?

Image Credits: William LeMond, Pexels

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