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It’s no secret that personal wellbeing is influenced by the environment. Access to natural light is a factor that’s often overlooked, perhaps in favour of the local climate or personal connections. Yet the health benefits of getting more natural light are numerous.

Natural light can help improve sleep, boost productivity, and gives us vital vitamin D. But you don’t need to be outside to reap these benefits, you can easily transform your rooms to be bright and airy.

Whether you want to improve your personal wellbeing or just want to make your home look more appealing – which often amounts to the same thing – read these four simple ways to lighten up your home.

Paint with brighter colours

One of the simplest ways you can bring light into your room is by painting the walls in brighter colours. Why stop there? Painting the ceiling can help the room feel taller and painting any dark woodwork in brighter colours will really lighten the space.

Although white is most effective at bouncing light around a room, you don’t need to be limited to stark white paint only; you can choose an off-white colour or perhaps a light grey or blue.

If you do choose to go with white, it’s important to not let the room seem too clinical, cold or plain boring. Use accessories such as plants and a mix of colours for furniture and carpet to add some variety and warmth.

You could also freshen up the room by painting the skirting boards with a fresh coat of paint. Due to the boards being close to the floor, they can often get dirty with marks and general wear and tear. This can make a room feel shabby and unfinished, but even though it is a small detail it can have a massive impact when transforming a room.

Lighten up on accessories

Another way to increase brightness in a room is to reduce your clutter around the house, as too many objects will create a cramped space. Parting with old belongings can be difficult but luckily there are some ways that let you avoid selling your stuff.

Consider putting your excess belongings in storage, either using your own, renting some or perhaps asking a friend or family. For anything you want to keep but that sucks all the light out of your rooms, the cost of this is a small price to pay for some more light around the house.

Another way to declutter your home is to use innovative storage units like overbed wardrobes. Any storage unit that gets your possessions off the floor, tables or chairs and out of sight is worth its weight in bright and shiny gold.

When choosing accessories, try to pick simple silhouettes with straight lines. Of course, you could add some character to the room by using accessories but erring on the minimal side is the best way to inject some personality whilst keeping the room bright and airy.

Pick bright, minimalist furniture

Furniture is a light-reducing culprit that is often overlooked. After all, it does take up a large portion of space in almost every room. When it comes to picking furniture that will help brighten things up, there are a couple of things to consider.

First of all – you guessed it – the colour. Avoid dark pieces like wooden tables or navy-blue armchairs. Choose lighter colours instead. Consider furniture that has glossy or highly reflective surfaces, or even fully transparent pieces such as glass or acrylic coffee tables.

Large, and especially tall, pieces of furniture will cast bigger shadows. This can add to a dark atmosphere in a room. To resolve this problem, think minimalistic and pick low-to-ground furniture. Don’t forget to leave plenty of space in between pieces too.

Typically, the modern minimalistic Scandinavian style of living is good for increasing light in a room. The sleek lines and simple design allow the light to bounce around the room without being trapped or drawn into overly ornate furniture.

Be creative

Whatever method of brightening you choose, there’s one thing they all have in common – being creative. You could scroll through Instagram or Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas. Don’t lose hope for even your darkest rooms. You’re just one bright idea away.

Image Credits: Sidekix Media

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