Simple Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

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If you’re thinking about selling your house, there are a several things you can do to increase your property’s value. Buyers are looking for the home of their dreams and they probably don’t want to put a lot of work in to refurbishing and redecorating a house after purchasing it. With these home improvement tips, you will attract a multitude of buyers.

Increase Curb Appeal

The first thing people are going to see is the front of your house. If it looks old and dull then that takes away from the appeal, even if your house looks gorgeous inside. If your front door is old and draughty, replace it with something more modern. Get rid of the rusty locks with something more secure and replace the door knob. Add some sconces, and replace your door numbers and mailbox. Try power washing, repainting or redoing the pebble dashing of the house to give it a new look. Prune the front garden and add some nice shrubs.

Remodel the Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom can add a lot of value to your home. No one wants to see a dirty bathroom with a moldy shower and leaky taps. Replace your faucets and showerhead, add a custom shower pan and regrout the tiles. If you can’t afford to replace the bathtub, try reglazing it instead to make it look as good as new. You can also get a new shower curtain, repaint the cabinets and replace the vanity mirror. Make sure you fix any plumbing issues before showing your property to potential buyers.

Refurbish Your Kitchen

People spend a lot of their time in the kitchen and want a nice space where they can cook their family meals. Consider getting a modern oven and replacing your fridge with a more energy efficient one. Change the outdated cabinet handles and swap out your old waste bin for a new one. Clean the dishwater filter, and make sure your sink and countertops are clean too. If you have a kitchen/ dining room, try reupholstering the chairs and repolish the dining table. Try adding some new placemats and add a centerpiece.

Do Some Gardening and Do Some Landscaping

On sunny summer days, people like to hang out in their back garden, enjoy the weather and have a barbecue. If you have a garden that is overgrown and full of weeds, then you may want to consider doing some gardening and landscaping. Plant some new flowers and mow the lawn. You could even get some planters and grow a few herbs and simple vegetables. Add some decking or, if you already have decking, revamp it by using #1 Deck wood stain to refinish it and improve its appearance. Invest in some lounge chairs and a table, and add some solar lights and a water feature or sculpture.

Enhance Your Home’s Original Features

Try to make use of your property’s original features, such as a statement fireplace, wood flooring, wood beams, and windows. Look for some additional furniture such as chairs, desks, footstools, bookcases, and other décor items such as paintings and art work, lamps, statuettes, and vases to complement your home. By enhancing some of the original features and adding classic or antique furniture, you can give your house a cosy look and homely feeling.

Convert Your Loft and Cellar

If you’re not interested in putting in the extra work to add an extension to your property, optimize the space you already have. If you have a dusty loft or an empty cellar, it could add to the value of your home if renovated properly. A loft or a cellar could be turned into an additional living space, a den, a games room, an office, a small gym, or an en-suite bedroom (because having an extra bedroom and bathroom never hurts). Add some soft lighting and a fresh coat of paint to make the room look inviting and comfortable.

Once you’ve made these changes and other home improvements, you can also redecorate the bedrooms, living room, and dining room. You can also make your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly with double glazing, insulation, solar panels, LED lights and a heat pump, and you can add smart appliances too.

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