New Year, New Home! Top New Interior Trends In 2019

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Every New Year comes with new design trends and 2019 will be no different as expert designers have claimed that fresh trends will find their way into the design industry.

Ranging from classic trends to stylish patterns, 2019 home decors will help homeowners create fantastic ambiance quite different from what we saw in previous years. While several old trends will remain in vogue, certain others will likely be replaced by the new design trends 2019 has got to offer.

As you read this article further, you’ll be taken around some of the new interior trends many homes will feature in 2019.

Natural Elements

In 2018, we saw beautiful home designs and the décor industry were majorly dominated by tech-oriented trends. However, the New Year 2019 will experience a shift in fashion from the overly tech-oriented trends to patterns that incorporate concrete, stone, granite, copper and certain other organic elements such as these custom mosaic tiles.
By courtesy of these elements, home spaces will provide their owners with a refreshing breath of naturality. If you’d live to bring an awesome natural feel to your home, you should be on the lookout for any of the 2019 décor trends with the said natural elements.

Black and White

For lovers of classic interior designs, a blend of black and white is obviously one of the best options to be reckoned with in 2019. Besides helping to create bold ambiance, a mixture of black and white does come with great visual impact.

Visually, black and white are very different but again, blending the two colors will provide home spaces with the harmonious and bold feel their owners’ desire. As noted earlier, you should be inspired to consider matching black and white hues if you’re a lover of classic interior designs.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns constitute the classy décor patterns many people will look forward to in 2019. Although such patterns have been in vogue for quite a long time, we’ll likely witness more of them in an even newer fashion.

Brass Accents

Quite a few homeowners are fed up with polished nickel and stainless steel which featured well in past years. As alternatives, homeowners are on the lookout for brass accents. Considered delicate substitutes, brass accents will generously fill the place of stainless steel in various homes this New Year.

Velvet Furnishings

You can have the impression that velvet is likely stifling and obsolete but this doesn’t erase the fact that designers have considered it one of the fabric materials that many homeowners will look out for in 2019. Besides being very plushy, velvet furnishings tend to attract people’s attention and so, velvet décor will gain ground this New Year.

Richer Hues

We’ve seen a good deal of interior designs incorporating muted colors. Plenty of homeowners admire these colors because they prevent spaces from appearing overwhelming. In spite of all that, more and more homeowners will opt for bolder hues in 2019. Verily, you’ll make great delight with color palettes incorporating richer hues such as bold yellows, dramatic reds, and organic greens. By introducing such hues in your home, odds are that your decorative items and muted furnishings will pop elegantly.

Copper Accents

In 2019, copper accents will likely feature amongst the trendy home décor trends. Designers have predicted there will be a slight shift from rose gold (that was generously popular in 2018) to copper accents. Interestingly, homeowners will take delight in blending these copper accents with various other decorative metals.

Besides its all-around earthy hue, copper packs a decent amount of orange and red tones and these will provide more of fresh air to homeowners.


If you want to implement these trendy ideas, the best way is to take help from a professional interior designer. If you are from Los Angeles, an interior designer Los Angeles can take care of your designing needs. You may just want to replicate a Beverly Hills interior design for your home or office.

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