6 Tips for Renting an Office Space

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There are many decisions to make when renting an office space and you’ll need to do plenty of research to make sure it will suit your needs. To help you make an informed decision, here are six tips for renting an office space.

Do You Really Need One?

Before you rent an office space you should think about whether you really need one. If you’re working with other people, is it necessary to have everyone all in one place or can your team work remotely? Do you think that you and your employees would be more productive in an office environment, or can you achieve the same high-quality work at home?

Think about whether you’re doing it for the right reasons. Do you want to rent an office because you’re looking for some social interaction or you want to rent one because you want someone else to hold you accountable to make sure you get more work done? If you’re planning on renting an office for yourself, would it be more convenient, or could you convert a room in your home into an office? You should also think about whether you need a permanent office space or something that’s only temporary.


Your budget will determine what kind of office space you’ll be able to rent. You have to look at your finances and decide whether you can afford a private office or a co-working space. Your budget will also determine the location of the office and what amenities and facilities will be available. You’ll also have to think about other costs, such as furnishings, and whether you can afford to rent the equipment you’ll need from Millennium Leasing.

If you don’t have the budget for the type of office space you need, you may have to look into other ways to raise the funds such reducing business operating costs or refinancing your home, though the latter is considered to be quite risky. Click here for more information.

Office Size

You need to decide on how much space you’ll need. Most people make the mistake of renting a space that’s not appropriate for their needs. Some people rent a space that’s too big or an office space that is too cramped.

If you’re working on your own, do you really need a whole office to yourself, or would it be more appropriate to rent a desk in a shared workspace? If you’re working with a group of people, do they need their own offices or can they work together in one space?

Amenities and Facilities

When looking at an office space, consider what facilities and amenities they have. Is there a restroom in the building? Is there a meeting room so you or your colleagues can talk to clients undisturbed? Is there a kitchen or break room where you can make lunch and grab a coffee? If not, is there anywhere nearby you can buy lunch? Is there a cupboard where you can store important files and equipment? Will you need to clean the office yourself or are cleaning services provided?

You should also check that the office space is wheelchair accessible. You should ask if the office is furnished or whether you will need to bring your own desk and chairs. Ask if they provide broadband always check if there are enough sockets for you to plug things in.

Find the Right Location

Location is key when choosing where to rent an office space. Ideally, it should be somewhere that is easy to get to. If you’re renting the space for yourself, find somewhere close to home. If several people will be working there, try to find an office building that doesn’t require a long commute. It should also be a place where visiting clients can easily find. Check that there are nearby restaurants and shops so you and your employees will have multiple catering options.

Parking and Commuting

Accessibility is just as important as location. Check that the office building has a secure parking facility, and if not, ask if there is another car park nearby or somewhere you can park on the street. If you’re renting the office space for employees, is there enough parking spaces for them and clients? If your employees ride a bike to work, you should check that there is a bike rack or any kind of storage space. You should also make sure that the building is assessable by public transport, and check that there are nearby bus stops and that it is in walking distance from a train station.

Once you’ve found the right office and have paid the first rent instalment, you can focus on moving in. Click here for ideas on everything from moving in to arranging shipping products from your new business premises.

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