How to Grow as a Personal Trainer

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You’ve seen hundreds of people reach their fitness goals and you’ve had a countless amount of clients leave you happy with the health service that you provided them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive for more as a personal trainer. Whether you work for a company or whether you work for yourself, there are always ways for you to grow as a PT and take your career up to the next level.

To see what needs to be done when you attempt to grow and strive for more as a personal trainer, be sure to read on.

Work on your website

In order to attract clients, you need a website that showcases your abilities as a personal trainer, markets your services and provides clear information regarding your contact details. You won’t get away with just posting an ad in the local paper of directory pages in this day and age!

In order to ensure that your site helps and doesn’t hinder you in your quest to grow in your career, it should:

  • Be easy to navigate
  • Be institutive and informative
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Clearly display your logo
  • Encapsulate the tone of your brand

Utilise social media

As well as having a strong, attractive website, you should also branch further out onto the world wide web and utilise social media in your attempt to spread your PT message. Leveraging the power of social media and its many platforms and facets will allow you to build a reputation and come into direct contact with potential clients.

When you do decide to utilise social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, just make sure that you remain active. Nothing will kill your brand faster than your various social handles looking like a ghost town. This means that you should seek to upload content to each platform daily, that you should participate in discussions that relate to personal training regularly, and you should get involved with the PT community by liking, hearting or retweeting content relations to it.

Create a word-of-mouth marketing campaign

As a personal trainer, you will work incredibly closely with your clients. There being such a heavy focus on the client in your industry means one thing: the people that you train are your best source of promotion. If a past client is able to say a few nice things about you or recommend your services, potential future clients will take notice. This is why you should embrace word-of-mouth marketing and then seek to create a campaign based around it.

When it comes to this form of advertising, there are a number of factors that you should be focusing your attention on:

  • You should seek to gather testimonials
  • You should push for referrals
  • You should create a ‘recommend a friend’ campaign
  • You should ask clients to post reviews online

Do something a bit different

If you truly want to grow as a PT, you cannot allow for your product to become stale and you cannot do the same things or provide the same services over and over again. Quite simply, you need to find ways to change the way you do things, as this will keep your brand fresh and, subsequently, see you continue to attract new clients for years to come.

There are plenty of ways to do something a bit different in the world of personal training, especially if you work for yourself and have rein to try out a range of different techniques. Something that you could do, for instance, is incorporate music into your workout sessions — and no, this doesn’t just mean playing music while your clients work out. This means learning all about Exercise to Music (ETM), a type of fitness instruction class that actually incorporates the songs that are played into the workout regime. You can become the teacher of such a class by enrolling on an OriGym course and gaining ETM Qualifications (UK) — fear not, as this course can be taken 100% online, meaning you wouldn’t have to disrupt your professional in your bid to gain this qualification.

There’s nothing stopping you from becoming the best possible personal trainer that you can be. You’re not going to grow if you don’t put the work in that is essential for growth, though. In this instance, you should ensure that your online presence is near perfect, you should make sure to make full use of word-of-mouth marketing, and you should seek to freshen up your services regularly.

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