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When applying for jobs, you’ll always be asked about why you think you would make a good employee. But have you ever asked what makes them a good employer? If you’re looking for long-term employment, you’ll want to work for an employer who cares about their employees’ needs. These kinds of employers are pretty hard to find these days, but there are plenty of signs for you to look out for when searching for the right job. Read on for some of the qualities of a good employer.

Good Workplace Culture

If you walk into an office on your way to an interview and everyone looks fed up and bored, that’s not a good sign. If you can, talk to the people who work there and ask what the company culture is like. Talk to the interviewer about what the company has to offer employees to create a positive office environment. A good employer creates a sense of community in the office—when they win, everyone does, and that should be celebrated.

Offers Opportunity for Growth

Without opportunity for growth, some people feel stagnant in their jobs, which has sparked the recent rise in “quiet quitting”. Businesses like that will have a high turnover of staff, but business that offer opportunity for growth, often have the most satisfied employees. A good employer will foster their employees’ development, incentivise hard work, and create new opportunities for their employees to advance in their careers.


A good employer will not only offer equal pay, but they will offer fair pay too. Everyone deserves to be fairly compensated for their time and level of experience, and if a business is only paying a low wage for a position that requires years of experience or doesn’t offer their employees a decent staring salary for a position, then you can tell you’re going to have problems with that employer in the future. A good employer will have Goulart Workplace Lawyers to ensure fairness

A good employer won’t let favouritism get in the way of hiring employees. Rather than hiring someone because of nepotism, they’ll look at a candidate’s qualifications and skills. They will promote people based of the hard work they put in, not because of favouritism.

A sign of a good employer is that they can navigate workplace disputes with an open mind and find a way to meet in the middle. With so many creative and imaginative people in one office, there are bound to be differences of opinion.


A good employer will recognise that people have lives outside of work. For some people, being in the office from 9 to 5 just doesn’t work for them anymore. A good employer should recognise the need to provide a flexible work environment. This should include offering employees’ flexi-shifts (so they can choose their own hours), the option of remote working, and working part-time. This way, employees can work during the times they feel the most productive.

An employer should provide support for people who have children, people with sick or elderly relatives to support, and to people who are still in education. They will understand that if they show dedication to their employees, then their employees will show more dedication to their jobs.

Values Employees

Overall, the best employers value their employees. They understand that their business wouldn’t be successful without their hardworking employees. A good employer will recognise and praise high performance and do what they can to make their employees happy. This type of employer will also take the time to listen to what their employees have to say, whether that’s about improvements to the office or innovative ways to boost business. They will also look out for their employees and work closely with them.

While you’re looking for work, focus on yourself. Take some time to learn more about what kind of career would make you happy and fit with your lifestyle so you can avoid burnout. Keep a look out for the qualities of a good employer, so you know that your values align before accepting a job offer. If you’re applying for a job and the job description and pay are vague or your questions about employee benefits are left unanswered, this should set alarm bells ringing, and you should probably pass and keep looking. Check out this website for different ways to connect with entrepreneurs and potential employers.

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