6 Tools Every Locksmith Must Always Have

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In today’s world, locksmiths are more than capable of rendering conventional and traditional services. It is owing to the fact that locksmiths are called upon for a number of tasks which stretch beyond their conventional spectrum.

As a locksmith, it is imperative that you are ready to deal with challenges coming your way. There is nothing better than a set of modern power tools to help you gear up for your next challenge.

Here is an assortment of the finest and basic power tools that every locksmith must have with themselves to enhance their locksmith service. If you’re not a locksmith, but just need the services of one, try looking up the likes of locksmith Las Vegas and you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Power tools that you need

  • The cordless drill: The cordless drill is one of the most essential tools that every locksmith must have with them. It is essential owing to the fact that cordless drills are easier to use, they are extremely compact in terms of the design and can be operated in the absence of electricity as well.
  • Portable Vacuum: The portable vacuum can be used for both dry as well as wet elements. Well, apparently a wet dry vacuum is easy to carry and can soak up all the dust and debris left after drilling and sawing. Essentially, it plays a major role in cleaning up all the mess that you may leave behind, without any hassle.
  • The angular grinder: The modern day safes, locks and grills are designed to withstand conventional steel cutters. Therefore a conventional saw or grinder might not be able to break modern bold locks. In this case the angular grinder can come in handy since it is compact, easy to use and can virtually cut through any piece of metal.
  • Reciprocating saw: The reciprocating saw is quite similar to that of an angular grinder. However, it is capable of cutting through the bolts of a deadbolt lock as well. It is equally useful when you have to deal with jammed doors or locks which can be difficult to reach. They have the same mechanism, but a wider spectrum of usage.
  • Circular Saw: A circular saw is pretty similar to that of a table saw, except for the fact that it is much more compact and can be used to cut through all types of wood. In case then you need to fix a door, or perhaps get rid of the expanded region, this circular saw can come in handy. The modern designs are also much safer compared to the conventional ones.
  • Borescope: It is possible that you may have to encounter such situations where the locks are jammed; maybe the padlock interior is broken or such issues which have deeper underlying causes. In case of such unfamiliarity, a Borescope will allow you to get a glimpse of the root of the problem. Similar to an endoscope, you will be able to see the interior of the padlock and thus locate the precise location of the problem.

These power tools are meant to make your job easier. Some of these tools might be on the costlier side, but it is an investment that can have a lot of impact on your professional capabilities. Essentially, these tools are going to make your work better and easier at the end of the day.

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