7 Best Australian-Made Camper Trailers

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Australians love camping, so it is no surprise that they make some of the best camper trailers in the world. Many of the classic worldwide campers are made in the country. Even with increasing competition, Australian-made camper trailers still rank among the best. Check out these Australian-made camper trailers.

Cub Campers Frontier

Cub Campers Frontier

Forward-folding camper trailers are undoubtedly one of the most preferred choices among regular campers. Australian manufacturers have taken years to perfect the build and functionality to cater to its growing market. Among the competition, Cub Campers Frontier stands out.

This classic forward-folding camper trailer has a simple tent set-up and regular features built for comfort. But, despite its attention to comfort, the camper also boasts excellent functionality that makes its price worth it.

Cub Brumby

Cub Brumby is one of the best offerings from the legendary Australian camper trailer maker. This model features a sleek design that enables it to carry a fair amount of weight while being towed by a regular car or SUV. Cub Brumby is not made for a large group but is perfect for couples who enjoy camping.

Patriot X1

Patriot is one of the most beloved camper trailer brands in Australia. Australians love the brand for the seamless way they combine comfort and functionality. The X1 is widely regarded as the best model by the manufacturer. It features a hard-top roof and soft-floor tent that can be set up quickly.

This camper is one of the most expensive on this list, but it gives good value for the money. Apart from the tent, buyers enjoy ample storage space, a great kitchen, and various innovative features.

Track Tvan Canning

Track Tvan Canning is best for campers who go off-road regularly. The trailer has four models, all known for their impeccable suspension systems and classic designs. The incredible tent system also provides the right amount of comfort to balance the functionality of the camper. There are slight price differences among the four models, and you can choose the one most suitable to your budget and preferences.

Jayco Eagle Outback

Jayco is one of the most reliable camper-trailer manufacturers in Australia. Over the years, the company has released some of the best family-friendly trailers. However, the Eagle Outback stands out. It has all the regular family-friendly features Jayco campers are known for but in better quality.

Trackabout Explorer

One of the best lightweight camper trailers on our list is the Trackabout Explorer. This camper’s chic design makes it most suitable for small families or couples. You can set up quickly and pack without a fuss when you are ready to go. This ease of setup makes it an excellent choice for campers who move around a lot.

Burly Off-Road

Burly Off-Road is different from most of the other popular camper trailers you see around. It has an independent suspension that enables the trailer to maintain a steady balance regardless of the terrain. It also has exciting features like a diesel heater with an exterior shower and extra gear. The combination of functionality and convenience makes this camper trailer one of the best in the market.


This list is not exhaustive. There are some other camper trailers of Australian make that people love and buy regularly. However, we have chosen 7 of the most preferred and well-made campers. The trailers on our list have some of the best features you can see in a trailer. They are also worth the investment you make in their purchases.

Image Credits: Cub, Cub Campers

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