Car Donations 101 – Why Donate to a Kidney Foundation

You see and hear about it in the news and social media. Parents who post about a child diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD). One of your friends is in the hospital and taking care of a parent struggling with the effects of possible kidney failure. And when you learn that a relative starts dialysis to avoid a kidney transplant, you think, “how can I help?” Fortunately, there are multiple ways to help. One of them is by donating an old car via the National Kidney Foundation pick up.

A vehicle can take you to places you need to go to – work, school, or even just a quick grocery run. It also ages and breaks down. But what do you do when your car has already outlived its use? Donating it seems like a good idea. Having the Kidney Foundation pick up your former means of transportation will benefit both you and a kidney patient for the following reasons:

You have an unwanted car (or motorcycle) in the garage

Whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, or even a boat, you know that it does not last forever. There are several reasons for an unwanted vehicle. You could have outgrown your need for it because of a new one. It could also be possibly decades-old already and is just fodder for rust under your car porch. Whatever the reason, you know that selling it on your own will be very difficult, especially if the motor is not running anymore.

So if you have a car that is just occupying space, then donating it to charity is the right way of getting rid of it. And you can finally use that garage to house a new car or convert it into a new room for all your storage needs.

You will get a tax break

Did you know that being charitable also gives you some tax benefits? If you donate a vehicle to a kidney foundation, it qualifies as a deduction if your current tax status allows. The Internal Revenue Service consents to a tax deduction of up to five hundred dollars, as per the IRS Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donation. You can ask your tax advisers about your personal tax benefit to check if you are qualified.

You save lives

The primary goal of donating is to save lives. When you give your car to charity, you not only keep one life but several of them. But you see a lot of charitable institutions. Where can you entrust your vehicle donation, especially if you want to help more than just one kidney warrior?

One of the most trusted foundations in the country is the National Kidney Foundation. Its mission is to fight kidney disease by helping patients of all ages with their treatments, dialysis sessions, and kidney transplants. The foundation also has one of the oldest car donation programs across the nation. So, you can be sure that your donations go straight to their beneficiaries.

All lives matter. But for people who are ill or awaiting a kidney transplant, it is a race against time. Those marred with kidney sickness make a complete turnaround when they get treated for their pain. So, when you give to charity, you contribute to the life extension of these people – young and old – who agonize over diseased kidneys. Allow hope to live in their hearts by donating now.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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