7 Ideas to Brighten Your Child’s Christmas

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Picture being a child again, and remember the best Christmas you ever had. What moments stood out? What did Christmas smell like, taste like, or even feel like? Some remember the smell of the freshly cut tree, or maybe even cinnamon. Others relate Christmas with the sound of firewood crackling. But the main feeling is dream-like or perhaps even enchanting.

Notice how the magic seems to disappear the older you get. That special feeling you get during Christmas is formed in your childhood. Wouldn’t you want your kids to have that same memory and experience while they’re young? Before it’s too late, parents need to make the holidays memorable and wonderful so that, when they’re older, they can look back on it, treasure it, and pass it down to their own children.

To make a magical Christmas, you’ll have to make it surprising, fun, and full of love. The key is to think about Christmas through a child’s mind, so it pays to look back into your own experiences.

  1. Make time and spend time

The first thing you need to do is to dedicate Christmas time to your family. You have to be in the moment and completely present during this special occasion. It wouldn’t be a fond memory for your children if you were busy on your phone trying to get some work done—and you wouldn’t want to be remembered as that kind of parent either!

For them to get the most out of the holiday season, you’ll have to be with them every step of the way. And it’s not just about being there—you have to be involved, engaged, and entirely in the holiday spirit with them.

  1. Plan a surprise

Children love surprises, so make sure to plan something good and unexpected. You can get them a gift that they’ve wanted for so long, or you can do something more magical. How does a letter from Santa Claus sound like?

Kids are always excited to get that personal interaction from Santa. They even stay up late or put out some milk and cookies—it’s tradition! So, imagine their delight when they get a letter from Santa himself. There’s no way they can forget that. For such a memorable experience, it’s surprisingly easy and affordable to do on lettersfromsanta.org.uk where you can get personalized letters for your children.

  1. Dress up as a family

Christmas time is perfect for dressing up. Whether it’s ugly sweaters, your best holiday outfit, or getting into a Santa or elf costume, your group outfit as a family will make the occasion even more special. You can even put on a Santa hat on your pets to make sure that everyone looks their best for the holidays.

Santa Claus decoration hanging on a Christmas tree

  1. Decorate together

Christmas decorations are vital if you want to make this time memorable for your child. A wreath and Christmas stockings can completely change the atmosphere of your home. And who can forget the Christmas tree? Putting it up and decorating it together will be a special time for your kids, especially when you carry them over your shoulders so they can top it with a star.

You can even purchase personalized family Christmas ornaments wholesale.

  1. Play and sing Christmas carols

Whether or not you can sing well doesn’t matter. Singing Christmas carols and playing them in your home can enliven your home during the holidays. A joyous tune like Jingle Bells would be perfect for waking up in the morning, and O Holy Night would be lovely for a peaceful evening. But you don’t have to stick with just the classics. Modern Christmas songs are great to dance to with your kids. So, make sure to make that playlist for the holiday season.

  1. Prepare a good meal

The Christmas dinner is looked forward to by everyone in the family, so why not make it an activity that everyone can do? Kids can do simple things like stirring, decorating some Christmas brownies, and doing a bit of clean-up. It can teach them how much fun it is to prepare meals, appreciate the effort behind the feast, and you can make this your holiday tradition, too!

  1. Calling loved ones

Since it’s a time spent best with those you love, you’ll need to have people over, too. Some might not be able make it, so it’s important to call them and have your children reach out to them, too. Spending it with family and friends can help your child recognize the value of people and relationships. It isn’t just about gifts, food, decorations, and carols. There’s a deeper meaning to the holidays that they can learn at a young age.


Christmas as a child is probably one of the most remarkable experiences we can have in our lives. For that, we have our families to thank. And as parents, we have the chance to make our child’s Christmas just as good, or even better.

Image Credits: Arun Kuchibhotla, Bruno Martins

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