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Today, many workers are setting up their home office space than ever before. There was a rise of up to 173% from 2005 to 2020. This was before the COVID pandemic affected the working situation.

Indeed, a productive and healthy setup is not simple. As such, here are some tips that you can try to have a successful work-at-home space.

Know What you Need

The things that you will be needing in your office will depend on the type of work you do. You might need an electric standing desk for your laptop or computer. If you are an artist, you will need a larger table that will serve as your workspace. Consultants might need file cabinets or a space to meet with clients. Photographers might need a home studio or storage for their lighting and props.

Your employer might require specific requirements for the equipment that you need. Make sure to create a detailed list of your needs for a home office. Set up a space that meets those requirements before you claim a corner of your house.

Find your Home Workspace

Ideally, your home office must be in a room to block the noise and distractions. If this is not possible, then you can try other solutions. You can try a fold-down desk or a room divider. This will create a little privacy in any spare corner. You can also convert your closet into your office.

To have a portable office, you can convert a kitchen cart into a standing workstation. You can also invest in an electric standing desk or portable TV tray. This will give you the flexibility to move around the house to avoid the noise and focus on your work.

See to it that you dedicate a closet, cabinet, or drawer at your home to keep your files at the end of the day.


Indeed, the lighting quality in your office can affect your mood and well-being. Poor lighting can cause stress, eyestrain, and fatigue. This can be due to harsh lighting or dim lighting. The best kind of light that you can have in your office is the natural light.

Experts provide that natural light can improve the mood, reduce stress, aid in concentration, and decrease anxiety.

If you can control the location of your home office, make sure to choose a room with a window. This will help you get the natural light. If you can’t control the office location, make sure to go outside during breaks.

Another thing to consider is the position of the light sources. You must have enough uniform light that will make you comfortable at work. This must not cause glare on the monitor.

As such, don’t sit with your back to a window unless there is a shade. Also, do not work facing a window because this will make reading a monitor become difficult.

Incorporate your Style

Incorporating your style at your office can improve productivity, health, and happiness. Consider if you like art deco, urban décor, shabby chic, or modern country. Indeed, these individual touches will make you become comfortable in your space and boost productivity.

Image Credits: Roberto Nickson

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