Seven Practical Storage Ideas for a Clean Home

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People look forward to going home every day because it gives them a sense of peace that they desire after a long workday. They aspire to have a clean house that can aid their relaxation. Keeping order in their houses invites calm instead of chaos. So, they look for the means to achieve a clean and orderly home.

Safe and reliable storage can help you to clean and tidy your home. There are different types of storage to choose from, but some solutions can be too expensive. So, to keep up with practicality, use readily available storage items as an inexpensive solution. This kind of alternative entices users to utilize practical storing ideas that are cheap, easy to find, and are straightforward to use.

Chic Storage Baskets

A perfect example OF simple home storage solutions are storage baskets that you can find in thrift shops, online shops, and other easy-to-access markets. You can put magazines, towels, blankets, or other home items inside them. There are differently designed baskets that will fit the interior design of your house.

These simple and inexpensive storage items come in many sizes. They can be moved and placed anywhere and offer convenient organization.

Set Up Hanger Racks on Empty Walls

You should consider maximizing the space on your empty walls. Putting a hanger rack on the wall means you’ll have additional space to hang extra clothes. There is no need to stress over clothes piling up, which can cause too much clutter. This brilliant idea is practical because it will make the most of the unused spaces in your house.

Pocket Organizer on the Door

Use your extra pocket organizer to store bathroom items and place them on the door.  Its useful pockets can hold toiletries and keep them organized. Because the pockets are transparent, you’ll be able to easily view the items for quick access. You may also use the same set up inside the door of your bedroom.

Empty Jars

Now is the best time to get sustainable by using recyclable items like empty jars. They can hold bathroom essentials like cotton balls, shampoo, and cotton buds. An empty jar can also store items in the kitchen, like spices for cooking. The transparent glass allows easy identification of ingredients for convenience. You can use sticker labels to make it even more organized. You may also use these jars as decorative aesthetic in the living room or bedroom.

Colourful Cups

These cups are colourful and come in sturdy shapes. They can store small kitchen utensils like chopsticks or knives. The colourful texture of these cups can add vibrancy to your kitchen. It can be fun, and at the same time, organized.

Another for these cups is storing your kid’s art and school materials. It can add fun and funkiness to their bedroom or study room. The colourful vibe will help them get creative. It is easy to hold and put items in, making it handy for kids to clean up their own space.

Clear Transparent Boxes

You can easily find transparent plastic boxes in nearby stores. These cheap types of bins are sturdy and safe. They can store toys, rugs, books, pillowcases, and other household items. The transparent design offers easy access. You can also put sticker labels on these for easy identification.

These boxes are portable and can quickly be moved to different parts of the house. If you have limited space at home, this storage can work best since you can stack them in the corner.

Hang Accessories on the Wall

This type of DIY storage offers space for creativity. Instead of putting accessories inside boxes, you can opt to hang them on a wall and use it as a beautiful decoration.


You should always make an effort to organize and tidy your home. You don’t need over spend on storage, because there are home storage ideas that require creativity and ingenuity that can work. You should figure out a practical and sustainable cleaning solution your home truly deserves.

Image Credits: Max Vakhtbovych

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