How To Improve Your Home Office And Improve Productivity

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Effectively decluttering your home is bound to make you feel freer and more focused when working from home. It is easy to get distracted by too much stuff and lose track of what you are doing for work.

Hence, here are the best ways to improve your home office so that you can be more productive while working from home.

Rent external storage space

Should there be items from your home office that you want to keep but not keep around you at all times, then you can rent cheap storage space units to store your belongings safely, which will help you free up space at home yet still have access to those things that you don’t want to get rid of.

Instead of piling up your desk with paperwork and filling your cupboards with unused devices, you can store away your office goods in an external unit and keep your office as tidy and minimal as possible.

Install a smart desk

Not everyone enjoys sitting down all day. But, when you stand up you might feel like walking around the house. When this happens, you might become easily distracted and, therefore, lose track of what you are doing. To avoid this yet still stand up and stretch, you should install a smart desk.

These are easy to adjust so that you can stand up and work when you feel like it.

Get yourself a comfortable chair

A hard and uncomfortable chair is bound to become to nuisance. Not only will it give you a bad back, but it will also cause you to lose concentration throughout the day. Wiggling around on the chair will hinder your focus so getting yourself a comfortable chair will help you improve your home office and increase your concentration.

A comfortable chair can look as good as it feels. So don’t worry, it won’t make your home office look unaesthetic if you enjoy appealing interiors. Investing in a chair will help to improve the appearance of your chair and your productivity.

Install a clock for the office

You might lose focus and hinder your productivity due to looking at your phone or tablet for the time throughout the day. Checking your phone for the time might result in your scrolling social media for an hour or more, which is no good if you have things to do.

Hence, installing a clock will help you avoid using your devices when you want to check the time.

Likewise, having a clock can help if you like to follow a strict schedule each day. You can ensure you are on track and in line with your daily schedule.

Get yourself a to-do list pad

Speaking of a schedule, it will help if you have a to-do list pad where you can write a daily list of tasks for each new day. Every working day can involve something a little different, even if most tasks are the same. Hence, writing a new list for each day will ensure that you do not forget to do new or infrequent tasks. Plus, you will be able to set yourself times for each task so that you can stay on track and be as productive as possible.

Giving your pad a dedicated space on your desk will ensure that you don’t forget to fill it out and use it each day. You can make sure to be as productive as possible and stay on top of your tasks.

Desk organizers

A messy desk is always going to get in your way and hinder your productivity. Therefore, to improve your productivity in your home office it will help to buy and use desk organizers.

These can help to organize your paperwork, stationery, and devices. The more organized your desk is, the more orderly and structured your day can be.

Invest in good lighting that mimics natural light

Dull and dark lighting can have a direct impact on your productivity and focus. The brighter and more natural your lighting is, the more you will be able to maintain concentration. Plus, poor lighting can cause eye strain, which can cause headaches. Having a headache during your working day can cause a lack of motivation, which will reduce productivity.

Therefore, ensure to invest in good lighting that mimics natural lighting so that you can maintain focus throughout the day.

Reorganize your office to face the natural light

Speaking of natural light, it is the best light source to have when you are trying to focus and be productive. Therefore, if you realize that your office setup is hindering your focus, then you could reorganize it so that your working setup faces the natural light.

Facing your desk and chair so that you get as much light as possible will help you stay focused and not need to strain your eyes.

Furthermore, if your blinds or curtains are hindering the natural light source, then taking them down can be a great option. You will soon notice how much extra light your office can attain from no window coverings.

Get an air purifier for the office

Alike lighting, the fresher the air is in your home office, the more focused you can be. If your office is stuffy, then it might make you feel tired and groggy.

Therefore, getting yourself an air purifier will help to improve the air quality and help you maintain energy throughout the day. You will recognize how much less tired you feel when the air is purer and cleaner.

Install a sound system or get a good pair of headphones

Some people enjoy working in silence. But, when you are working from home, any small and familiar noise can be a distraction.

Therefore, getting yourself some kind of sound system will help you focus while playing music, podcasts, or the radio.

You could choose a speaker system or even a great pair of headphones. Any kind of sound will help drown out the sounds from your home and help you stay focused.

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