The Wasted Welcome – Finding the Right Balance of Security in a Home

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As a homeowner, when you want to protect your home and keep it secure, you want to do it in a classy, unobtrusive way. You want to ensure that your security is subtle and that you don’t go over the top and end up with your home looking like a prison or an army barracks. While security is crucial in your home, you want to ensure that you don’t end up in a situation where you live in a home with tall gates, barbed wire, grey screen security doors, and maybe even guard dogs ready to attack any intruder that dare to even look at your property.

Home security isn’t always synonymous with words like welcoming, homey, or cosy but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to have both. Nowadays, with so many security options available than ever, you can keep your home safe and secure without sacrificing on the aesthetics. It’s just a matter of making some smart choices and keeping your security measures a little more covert but still equally effective.

Let’s take a look at just some ways you can find the right balance of home security and allow your family to enjoy a safe and beautiful home.

Door Braces

Many people mistakenly assume that their security methods need to be obvious and in plain sight to keep burglars away. However, often times, more discreet methods are more effective. A door brace is a perfect security tool for you to use that is both effective and subtle. This device is bolted to the floor through the inside of the entrance so that it doesn’t interfere with the overall look of your home. In many burglaries and break-ins, entry to the property is achieved with force. With a door brace set in place, you will have peace of mind knowing that a forceful kick to your front door won’t do a thing.

Screen Security Doors

Most Australian homeowners are familiar with regular screen doors which are installed to keep bugs and mosquitos away during the summer months. The big difference between regular screen doors and screen security doors is that they are impact resistant to keep more than just mosquitos away. Security screens can be placed on windows and doors and the frames can also be ordered in different colours. They are even used in locations that are prone to hurricanes or typhoons, which means they can withstand the strongest impact imaginable.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells might sound like something from the future but they’re very much a part of modern households and are an excellent security option to invest in. These doorbells are usually very noticeable to whoever approaches your front door and they provide live video footage of your premises. If you’re not at home, you can view the video footage from your smartphone and with some products you can even answer the door remotely through the app to give the impression you’re home. In most situations, burglars who think they are being observed, tend to give up their plans of breaking in and quickly move on to the next potential victim.

Lights and Timers

Using security lights to trigger outdoor lighting to turn on can be a great deterrent to keep thieves at bay. Burglars are generally trying to keep as low a profile as possible when breaking into a property so if a light comes on that will expose their movements, they are likely to abandon the break-in.

Inside your home, you can utilise timers using your regular lamps and appliances around your home. Set the timers to trigger at a time of the day when you’re not home. If a burglar is casing out your home and suddenly a light comes on or the volume from the TV or radio can be heard, they’ll think twice about trying to gain access to your home.

Keep Your Home Secure While Still Looking Great

Security shouldn’t have to take away from your home’s appearance and style. It can be effective but hidden from plain view keeping your home looking its best. Security additions like security doors and windows can be styled to match your homes aesthetic seamlessly while smart doorbells might even add a modern, sophisticated touch to your porch. With so many choices available nowadays, you can keep your home protected without affecting the overall look of your property.

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