Understanding How to Install Windows and Doors

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Many reasons make homeowners decide to get rid of the existing doors and windows and replace them with new units. For instance, the existing doors and windows could be making your home less energy-efficient and therefore, uncomfortable to live in. As such, you may replace such units to make your home more energy-efficient. Some may choose to replace their doors and windows improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes, and spend the next forever searching online for window replacement services in Newmarket, or their own hometown.

Regardless of the reason that is compelling you to replace your doors and windows, quality installation is needed. That is why you need to know how to install windows and doors. Even if you are hiring someone to do it for you, this knowledge is essential as you can spot any problem with the new installation and have it corrected.

Luckily, thanks to technology, nowadays, there are many window materials that homeowners can use for their windows and doors. From wood to vinyl to fibreglass, one of these options will come in handy when replacing your windows and doors Barrie. However, according to Total Home Barrie, the success of those windows will entirely depend on the quality of the installation.

Replacement Windows Options

When it comes to replacement of windows and doors Barrie, homeowners have two options to opt for; full-frame window replacement and retrofit (insert) window replacement.

  • Full-frame window replacement- this form of window replacement involves replacing the whole old window with a new frame. In this case, the entire frame is removed and a new one installed.

This method is necessary when one wants to change the shape of the opening, if the existing window frame is rotten or when you want to install slightly larger or smaller windows.

Full frame window installation is an expensive process since it requires a lot of labour. Besides, there are many things added to the windows.

  • Retro-fit window installation- also called insert or pocket window replacement, this form of window replacement involves removal of window sash only. The frame is not interfered with.

However, you should only opt for this type of window installation only when the frame is in good condition. This process is less labour intensive, and therefore it is cheaper compared to full-frame window replacement. An experienced Window Company can guide you better on what is best for you.

Step By Step Guide to Installing New Windows

Step 1: Take Measurements for the New Windows

Start by determining the width and height of the frame. In doing this, you should measure between the stops that support the sashes. To achieve this, you need to open the windows. To measure the height, take measurements at the centre, left and right. However, for the width, you would want to measure the bottom, top and the middle. Choose the smallest measurements that you have obtained for the height and the width.

Step 2: Removing the Old Windows

All the windows are constructed differently, so the process of removing your old windows may vary. Depending on the construction of your windows, you may need to get rid of the sashes from the inside.

Homeowners with storm doors will need to get rid of them by lifting them from its frame. However, some may have screws that hold them in place.

Step 3: Installing the New Windows

When it comes to installing the new windows and doors Barrie, you need to start by preparing the opening after removing the old windows.

You should start by cleaning the opening. You may utilize a shop vacuum to eradicate all the debris and dust.

Install flashing tape to the windows sill. Make sure that it fits the sill and extend it to the vertical leg of the bottom part of the interior side of your window. Make sure it fits well to the corners of the stool.

Now take your window and push it into the frame. You will need assistance to lift the window and fit it into the frame. Now you should install exterior trim around the sill of the window using finish nails. Seal the trim edges using caulk. For windows and doors Barrie, we recommend latex caulk.

To finish your windows and doors Barrie installation, apply latex caulk along with the trim of the window. This should be applied on the exterior side.

Now that you understand how to install windows and doors, you are good to go.

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