5 Ways to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

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A lot of people live in homes that are smaller than they’d like. With property prices on the rise, you may not be able to afford a bigger place right now, but you can make the most of the space you do have. One way to achieve this is to look at ways to make the rooms in your home feel bigger. If you can make the rooms feel more spacious, your home will feel a lot less closed-in, and you’ll appreciate it so much more.

Avoid Heavy Window Coverings

One way to make a room instantly feel closed-in is to add heavy curtains, especially if they’re ones that are too big for the window or are a dark, oppressive colour. If you have large, heavy curtains, take them down and look into alternatives, such as blinds. Look for a company who can fit roller blinds in Sydney, ideally made to measure ones that fit your window perfectly. This will instantly make the room feel larger and ensure you make the most of your windows. Blinds can also let in more light when open, and natural light can make a room feel bigger.

Upgrade Your Radiators

Radiators are a useful way to heat your home if you live somewhere that has particularly cold winters. The trouble is, older radiators are bulky and unattractive, and can take up precious space in small rooms. Luckily, newer models are a lot more compact and stylish. Look for modern bathroom radiators, which can actually be used in any room where you need extra heat. Pick designs that are compact, simple, and sit close to the wall, so they don’t jut out and take up space.

Have a Serious Declutter

Some people have plenty of space in their home, but just don’t realise it as they have accumulated so much stuff. This is especially true of people who’ve lived in the same home for a while, as it’s easy for them to accumulate clutter over the years.

If your home is starting to feel too small, you should plan a big decluttering day. Here are some tips to get yourself organised:

  • Buy some boxes, trash bags, and any other supplies you’ll need.
  • Label boxes as ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘recycle’, and ‘trash’.
  • Go from room to room, and look at individual objects.
  • Only keep things that are useful, beautiful, or sentimental. Everything else can go.
  • Be brutal. Think about what you’d truly miss and what you use day-to-day.

Decluttering can be a long process, so it’s worth taking a day off to do it and making sure you’re in the right mindset before you begin.

Opt for Multifunctional Furniture

Another great trick for small spaces is to use multifunctional furniture. Thanks to homes getting smaller, designers are coming up with all sorts of great ideas to save space. For example, you can buy coffee tables with extending legs to turn into dining tables, perfect for a lounge/diner space. You’ll find entertainment centres that have fold-out desks, which you can use when working from home, and even furniture such as beds and sofas that have storage space underneath so you can hide things away. If you can reduce the amount of furniture in your room, you instantly get more floor space, which means your room feels bigger.

Make the Most of Your Windows

Windows are the key to creating a room that feels light and spacious. If you have the chance to install larger windows, you should do so, as this can bring in more natural light. However, you should make sure you use energy efficient glass, so your room remains at a comfortable temperature. A room that feels small and enclosed can often benefit from installing patio doors or similar, as it’ll feel more open plan. If you can’t replace your windows, then you should at least ensure they are clean and there’s nothing blocking them, like furniture or clutter.

A small room doesn’t have to feel closed-in and claustrophobic. There are lots of steps that you can take to ensure that you make the most of the space. You don’t necessarily have to do a complete renovation, just a few decorative changes can make things feel more spacious and pleasant.

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