Tips for Building Inspections in Adelaide

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If you live in the Adelaide, SA area, you know that there’s a pretty decent real estate market out there. What you may not know is that you will more than likely frequently have to deal with building inspections since they’re quite common, and they can save you a ton. If you don’t get a good quality inspection before you buy or even sell your home, you know that this can cost you a lot more trouble, time, and even money than if you didn’t get one and find out everything that’s wrong the hard way. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips for your building inspections in Adelaide.

You Can Be There Too

One of the most important things you can do is be there and ask literally all kinds of questions. Don’t hesitate to ask the inspector to answer detailed questions and explain things for you. It’s their job, and they don’t usually mind the conversation.

Don’t Just Go with the “Realtor’s Guy”

You’re better off going with your own home inspector, because a third-party inspector isn’t going to be the person who’s more loyal to your realtor than they are of you. You may end up having to pay a little more, but it’s worth finding a good one for you that you can discuss things with in confidence, rather than having to do more than you need to with your home, or saving yourself from troubles down the road just because the realtor wants to make a quick sale.

Always Ask for Details

We mentioned it above, and we can’t stress it enough. You need to know that the inspector has what it takes to be a quality name inspector, and you have every right to ask a question about something you may not understand. This can also benefit you in the future, so you don’t have as many problems, and know what exactly to expect.

Make Sure They Take Photos

Most home inspectors will bring cameras and as mentioned before they’re going to literally utilize every space in your home that you won’t even crawl into. All you have to do is make sure that they take detailed photos of everything, and one good thing you can ensure is that an inspector has more than just regular cameras (like infrared and thermal cameras too) so you can see any potential issues you may have later on. You might have to pay an additional fee if you end up having them use special equipment, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You Can Pre-inspect

If you know of any possible problem areas, be sure to inspect your home yourself too and take photos. This will help if there are any gaps as well, and help you ask necessary questions later.


If you choose a company in Adelaide like Key Property Inspections, you know you’re going to get a high-quality result and report from a reputable source. They’ll even give you a free quote if you call them, and they are a certified licensed building contractor in the area that can give you the best inspection possible and save you some headaches, both present and future.

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