7 Reasons Why It’s Time to Ditch Your JUUL and Get a Real Vaping System

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Do you vape? If you do, there’s a good chance that you use a JUUL. With an estimated 70-percent share of the U.S. market, JUUL commands a massive lead over all other vaping companies in traditional retail outlets. There’s no shortage of other vaping options, though, and we’re about to tell you why you should consider a sleek new mini mod such as the Aspire Reax Mini instead. Maybe you love your JUUL. If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that there’s more to vaping than just that one pod system, though, you’re right. These are the reasons why it’s time to ditch your JUUL and get a real vaping system.

You’re Overpaying for Pods

At the time of writing, JUUL pods retail for $15.99 per four-pack in the U.S. That’s $4 per day to vape – if you’re lucky. For many people, a single JUUL pod isn’t even enough to last through a full day of vaping. The JUUL is a perfect example of the razor-and-blades business model; the device is practically free because the maker earns its money selling the refill pods. With vaping, though, you don’t have to stay in that rat race. E-liquid is incredibly inexpensive when you buy it by the bottle. Switching from pre-filled pods to a refillable tank can easily cut your vaping expenses in half.

You’re Not Experiencing Real Flavor

Do you ever get tired of vaping the same eight flavors? Of course you do; eight different e-liquids aren’t enough to please anyone for any real length of time. That’s why there are hundreds of different e-liquid flavors in the world. Wouldn’t you like to try an e-liquid that tastes like a rich cheesecake or a frothy mocha with plenty of steamed milk on top? There is no end to the variety of e-liquid flavors in the world, and you’ll only experience those flavors if you use a vaping system that lets you fill your own tank.

You’re Not Getting Sufficient Battery Life

Since the JUUL battery has a capacity of just 200 mAh, it’s not likely to last a whole day unless you’re a social smoker. With such a low-capacity device, you’re either locked in a constant cycle of puffing and charging, or you own multiple JUUL batteries and are using your computer as some kind of strange looking JUUL charging station. You can do better than that! Even the smallest refillable vape mod typically has a battery capacity greater than 1,000 mAh. That’s like having five or more fully charged JUUL batteries in one device. Finally, you’ll be able to charge your vaping device once per day and forget about battery management the rest of the time.

You’re Tasting Plastic

No matter how much you might like the JUUL’s eight flavors, there’s one thing that you can’t get around: The pods are plastic. That strange flavor you taste when you puff on a new JUUL pod? That’s the pod’s plastic exterior reacting with the volatile compounds in the e-liquid – and that’s pretty gross. When you buy a real vaping device, you’ll almost always get a tank with a borosilicate glass enclosure that does not react with e-liquid. You’ll be amazed by how much purer the flavor can be when you use a vaping device that has a glass tank and an organic cotton wick.

You’re Not Getting Good Vapor Production

If you’re like most JUUL users, you’ve probably learned a host of different tricks for improving the device’s vapor production. You’ve tried taking a short primer puff before taking a big hit. You’ve tried partially covering the pod’s airflow vents with your finger. Even with those tricks, though, it can often be hard to get a satisfying hit from such a small vaping device. When you use a real vaping device with a manual fire button, you never have to worry about the device not firing when you inhale. You can puff as long as you want, knowing that the vapor production of your device is only limited by your lung capacity. That’s what real satisfaction feels like.

You’re Consuming Way Too Much Nicotine

Do you feel wired after a vaping session with the JUUL and irritable and edgy when you can’t have a puff? That’s because the JUUL delivers almost as much nicotine as a tobacco cigarette. You probably found the high nicotine helpful when you first switched from smoking to vaping, but when you buy bottled e-liquid, it’s easy to step down and reduce your nicotine intake. When you use a device that has adequate vapor production, you’ll find it much easier to ultimately step down from the 50+ mg strength of the JUUL to something more reasonable like 3-6 mg. You’ll enjoy better flavor because you won’t have to deal with the harsh nicotine hit in your throat. You’ll probably also feel much less unhappy during those times when you need to go a couple of hours without vaping.

JUUL Is a Big Tobacco Product

If you’re a former cigarette smoker, you might have strong feelings about Big Tobacco and its marketing tactics. According to the American Cancer Society, almost 90 percent of smokers start before reaching the age of 18. The Big Tobacco companies might say that they aren’t using underhanded marketing tactics, but the results speak for themselves. No matter how much you enjoy vaping, you’d probably be even happier if you never started using nicotine at all.

Based on the facts, you may have a bit of a moral issue with supporting any Big Tobacco product – and in case you weren’t aware, that’s exactly what JUUL is. In late 2018, tobacco giant Altria – the maker of Marlboro – bought a 35-percent interest in JUUL for $12.8 billion. It’s understandable that a tobacco maker might want to hedge its bets by investing in vaping. After all, the vaping industry may one way make combustible tobacco obsolete. If you don’t want to support the marketing tactics and business practices of the tobacco industry, though, it’s time to ditch your JUUL.

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