iPad 2: Several Days Later

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My iPad is a valuable tool, whether it’s using LRPAD to edit pictures while sitting back or playing Angry Birds, it is an essential piece of gear for me now.

Although I usually use it for browsing the web and playing games every day, I still use it for my design and photography; I may be thinking of an amazing design and have to play with some ideas on my iPad and send it to my client for evaluation, or if I’m sitting in Starbucks and the room lights up with the sunset light, I’d need to have it in my photos with GPS coordinates as I’m always looking for more shoot locations.

For example, I was sitting on a beach last weekend with my iPad 2 and a client emailed me with their brief, so I opened up one of my drawing apps and created a rough version without having to leave the beach and go to the studio which I then mailed to the client before using Skype to discuss the design some more.

There are a lot of amazing applications available for the iPad platform, but there are five that I love most:

1. Flipboard
Ah, Flipboard! What a beautiful app, it takes the feeds from your Facebook and/or Twitter then displays them like a magazine, you’ll be amazed by how well it works. Not only that, you can have it show you the latest news updates at a tap of the screen. All in all I’d recommend it to anyone with an iPad!

2. Eye Witness (Guardian)
Eye witness has got to be my favorite photography app, the wonderful interface simply steals my heart. Every day there is a new picture relating to the latest news and not only does it tell you what you’re seeing it also gives you a ‘pro tip’ so you know how the photographer got the shot!

3. iBomber 2
What a great game! The design is similar to how you’d imagine the WWII war room; Coffee cups and folders! Controlled by tilting, the aim of the game is to drop bombs and destroy what ever is in the brief! This is an addictive little app.

4. Twitter For iPad
Oh my, I just love it! For me, It’s the best dedicated Twitter app. Pretty graphics and simple functionality. A must have.

5. GarageBand
Lovely app that is fun to play around with, it’s not for you if you plan on making real music, but if you’d like to mess around with some instruments and ideas? Get it. What do you have to lose?


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Suzy Hesketh
Suzy Hesketh
11 years ago
Reply to  Craig Lackie

Love my pad too