7 Types of Footwear for Men

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All stylish men should have an arsenal of shoes for different occasions. To make sure you have the right footwear in your wardrobe, consult the below list of shoe styles every man should own, shop men’s shoes online today!

  1. Desert Boots

Desert boots (also known as chukkas) are the ultimate smart-casual shoe. Usually found in suede, these lace-up relaxed ankle boots are effortlessly stylish and, if bought in black or brown, are incredibly versatile.

Whilst desert boots may look best suited to cooler climates, they can be worn with ease all year round. Pair your desert boots with blue or black jeans or navy chino trousers for a winning combination. What’s more, if you invest in a good quality pair, these boots can be very durable and last you for years and years.

  1. Oxfords or Brogues

Every many needs a smart pair of dress shoes in his wardrobe for those special occasions. The most popular smart shoes – and for good reason – are Oxfords and brogues.

There is a lot of confusion around what exactly the difference between the two is, but the reality is that they are essentially the same. An Oxford refers to shoes that have “closed laces” whereas broguing refers to shoes which have “open laces” as well as an embellishment in the form of wings and perforated holes. Therefore, any shoe style can be “brogued” and, confusingly, brogues can still be Oxfords.

As Oxfords look plainer due to their closed lacing they generally look neater and more clean-cut than brogues, which makes them the perfect dress shoe to wear with a smart suit or tuxedo. Brogues can still look equally smart but are perhaps more versatile as they can be nicely paired with casual trousers and even smart-looking jeans.

  1. Casual Trainers

Casual trainers are perhaps the most transeasonal of all men’s shoes. They can be worn with almost any outfit, at almost any occasion in almost all weathers.

Trainers come in a plethora of different styles, shapes and colours, so when choosing your own it all comes down to personal taste and what looks best with your day-to-day wear.

  1. Slip-Ons

Every man needs a pair of easy slip-on shoes at home. The sole purpose of slip-ons is for ease when running errands, heading to the beach, taking out the bins or just hanging around the house.

There are different types of slip-on shoes including canvas shoes, plimsoles, thongs and slippers. As slip-on shoes are generally just for casual use, so the style you choose doesn’t really matter.

  1. Loafers

Loafers are a favourite shoe for smart-casual dressing. Originating from Scandinavia, they are the sartorial emblem of preppy culture and are worn best through the warmer months when paired with tailored trousers like chinos and a neutral-coloured shirt underneath a smart blazer.

Loafers come in many styles and colour palettes, but brown loafers are the most popular and the most versatile. Pair your brown loafers with either neutral tones like stone and grey or with bolder colours like forest green and sea blue. Style your loafers correctly and you can sport them in all scenarios – smart or casual.

  1. Leather Boots

Leather boots aren’t just stylish – they’re practical. A pair of black or brown leather ankle boots can take you through all seasons and protect your feet from rain and cold temperatures (not to mention, they can be cleaned easily).

Leather boots like lace-ups or the classic Chelsea boot style are the perfect winter shoe that can be paired with almost any outfit, which is why they’re deserving of a place in your wardrobe.

  1. Gym Shoes

The final pair of shoes that every man should own is a pair of gym/sports shoes. These can be specific to your sporting activity of choice (e.g. trainers that are specially designed for running) or they can be general sports shoes. The good news is there is an infinite number of sports shoe styles to choose from, so you might find yourself owning more than one pair! If you’re not physically active but still appreciate a good pair of trainers, you might like anime shoes if you’re an otaku.

With these 7 styles of shoes in your repertoire, you will be ready for any occasion and invitation that comes your way.

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