8 Easy Dog Training Tips

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The arrival of a new pet is a very exciting occasion. Dealing with a puppy in your home is a different story. Puppies need training before they turn into the dotting best friend that you had in mind when you decided to add them to the household in the first place.

Let’s take a look at some training tips that will turn your new little monster into a loving pet.

  1. Choose your dog’s name wisely

Choose a strong, short name for your new puppy that is easy to call out when you call them. If your dog is familiar with their name it will make training them a much easier task.

  1. Decide on the “house rules”

Setting house rules before your new puppy arrives is key. Will they be allowed on the bed or the couch? Will they be allowed in all of the rooms in the house? Will their ‘den’ be in inside or outside the house? What will their diet consist of, strictly dog food or not? This might seem tedious but it will make training your new puppy considerably easier.

  1. Set up their private den

You need your own room and so does your new puppy. It is important to give them a space of their own where they can feel safe and where they can sleep in. Puppies that have a safe den like a crate will be house trained a lot easier than most.

  1. Help them relax when you arrive at home for the first time

New puppies will feel very threatened when they first arrive in a new environment. Make sure that they have a safe place to sleep, and some toys to play with, it will give them peace of mind.

  1. Teach them to come when you call

Teaching them to come when you call is the first command that your new puppy needs to master. Praise them when they come to you in order to reinforce the good behavior.

  1. Reward good behavior

It is important to develop essential skills and behaviors in your dog, and Raise the Bar Dog Training undoubtedly provides the most professional training services. Make sure that negative behavior doesn’t get rewarded, this will slow down the training process. Dog’s behavior also depends on the dog breeds.

  1. Stop the jump up from the get go

Puppies love jumping up against you out of excitement, it isn’t necessary to reprimand them, simply ignoring the behavior will do. If they don’t get any reaction out of you by jumping up they will stop doing it.

  1. Discourage biting or nipping

Keep a chew toy handy, if they bite or nip you give them the toy to chew on. They will begin to associate the toy with biting, if that doesn’t work ignoring the behavior is also recommended. For more advanced techniques no bark dog training collars can also be used, although if you’re in Ohio, perhaps consider consulting with the experts in some Tulsa dog training classes.

These are some very basic training tips for a new puppy, majority of these tips will apply to kittens as well. Training a new pet is daunting but with some ground rules in place training will become part of your routine and it won’t be a tedious task that feels like a chore. Train your pet, it will make life better for both you and your furry friend.

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