Simple Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Puppy Today

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A dog is a man’s best friend. Until you have a dog of your own, you will probably never believe in this statement. If you talk to some of the dog owners in your locality, you will come to know that observing dogs is a great way to spend time. It is also important as a dog owner to remember that regular exercises for your dog is a must in order to keep it active and attentive. According to dog trainers, one of the best ways to keep your pet’s brain sharp is to train it to perform some small tricks. Training helps your dog remain obedient, mentally active, and happy.

Simple Tricks to Train Your Dog

There are several types of tricks to train your beloved dog. However, not every trick is simple to understand for a dog. If you wish to make your dog learn tricks fast, then here are some simple tricks that you easily train your dog.

  1. Take a Bow: This is probably one of the simplest tricks to teach your dog. Most of the dogs bow naturally in order to stretch. If you wish to turn it into a trick, then choose a command, such as “take a bow”. The moment you notice the dog performing the bowing pose give their favorite treat. On regular training, the dog will be able to bow down on cue.
  2. Handshake: Just like bowing down naturally in order to stretch, dogs also tend to lift a paw when you or your hand comes too close to it. Tell your dog to “shake” and bring your hand close to his body. The moment he lifts his paw treat him with his favorite treat. Regularly performing the same act will eventually make his understand the trick and he can perform the same handshake every time you ask him to do so.
  3. High Five: How would you feel if your dog gave you a high-five in front of your friends? You would feel awesome and proud of your dog. Dogs tend to paw at you every now and then. Simply redirect all of those bad manners into a great and sweet trick. Give him treats after performing the task to make his understand that he did something good.
  4. Wave Goodbye or Hello: Wouldn’t it be nice if your four legged friend waved you hello once you came back from work or goodbye when you leave home? Teaching your dog this awesome and simple trick hardly takes much effort from your end. Although it may look similar to the high-five trick, it does not involve the contact of the skin to the fur.

There are several other tricks which you can teach your dog. These tricks do not take much time and once your dog learns them, you will feel happy when you witness your dog performing such tricks in front of others. However, do make sure to treat your dog in order to encourage the animal to learn them fast.

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