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Domestic pets have been in our home for as long as the ancient Egyptians existed over 3000 years ago. Cats especially were revered during this time in both the religious and social practices of this culture. They were so admired that a few of their deities were also shown to have heads of cats and sculptures were created in and around houses of the residents as a sign of power, fertility, and justice. The three main heads that we see in the literature of that time typically belong to Bastet, Sekhmet, and Mafdet.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and we still love and admire or four-legged furry friends, both dogs and cats and many treat them like their own kids (sometimes better!). along with all the cuddling and scratching, most cats are pretty independent creatures, they go where they want to and sleep where its most comfortable, they are creatures of leisure.

But we humans love playing with and treating them like a human, buying clothes for them and all sorts of accessories and even booties to make them look cute.

The Famous Cats on Social Media

We also go so far as to make them famous. There are several cats on social media that have made the rankings of the cutest or the grumpiest of the smallest and largest, and people dedicate time to keeping these accounts active daily. They go by many names: Smoothie the cutest cat, Higgins the cat, Grumpy cat, Hobbies the ginger cat, Samson (Catstradamus), Albert baby cat, the list is endless. There are hundreds on all the different social media platforms and steadily increasing every year and can be found online https://www.thesprucepets.com/cutest-cats-to-follow-online-4097349

The Multitudes of Accessories for Cats Available on The Market

As mentioned above, we spoil our pets, whether they are cats, dogs, gerbils, or raccoons, most people have a soft side to them when it comes to animals. And as such the pet industry has taken this idea and made it into a billion-dollar industry that provides a whole bunch of different accessories for cats besides their food. Let’s see what you can get if you decide to adopt a pet:

  • Food and treats
  • Litter and litter boxes
  • Health Supplies and nutritional supplements
  • Beds, trees, and furniture for them to scratch
  • Doors steps and pens
  • Leashes and collars
  • Feeding and water fountain supplies
  • Toys
  • Apparel
  • Grooming products
  • Tick and flea accessories

Humans don’t even have these many varieties of things!

In any case, this article is looking into the different types of cat collars on the market that will help you choose the right for your feline. And then, of course, we had to mention the huge fashion statement that cats can make – it wouldn’t do justice if we didn’t include the category of human clothes and fixtures that are cat-themed, like earrings, clothes, bags, socks, and shoes for days when you can’t take your cat with you so you can ‘wear it’.


The Three Popular Categories of Cat Collars Available on the Market

Cat in grassThere are typically three types of collars that are available on the market, for cats. Below is some information on these. So, when looking for the best one for your cat, make sure you know what it is for and your cat won’t reject it. Always make sure you buy a size slightly bigger than you think, not just to that its comfortable for the cat and a leash can be attached to it easily, but also mainly because your cat can breathe properly and there are no restrictions.

Not only do they come in different versions but there are also an array of choices of materials, from leather collars to ones with cat IDs on them for when your feline gets lost, personalized collars, bow-tie collars to name a few, other cat-friendly options can be found online on this page.

Stretch collars: These are made of an elastic material and easily slip over the felines head. They may be slightly harder to get a specific fit with these so select one that has an extra length so your cat can breathe.

Buckle collars: these have been around for the longest and are typical as per the name, they are like a belt which comes with a buckle that you can fasten to a nook and can be adjusted to variable sizes.

Breakaway collars: they are designed with a device that can be snapped open either by pressing the two sides of one end or by pressing the top and releasing it to open or close it. We like this style because it is easy and convenient and does not need any stretching or pulling, plus it is the quickest to open amongst all three, in case it gets caught onto something.

Reasons to Get A Collar

Most dogs need collars because they’re…dogs. But most cats can do without one, however, there are a lot of benefits in getting one some of which include, safety, style, and health. In some countries, cats without collars may be mistaken for savage animals and either put down or taken to a shelter, by getting a collar it makes a statement to say that this one belongs to someone so leave it alone, or report it missing…depending on the scenario.

Another advantage is that some collars provide a tick or flea medication included in it to rid it of these pests, so it’s a convenient way to keep your pet happy and at ease, rather than suffer from tick bites.  In a nutshell, it gives your pet an identity, one which could save him from a lot of cat-related neighborhood issues.

Image Credits: Artem Beliaikin, Raphael Schaller

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