8 Practical (and Expert) Pointers You Should Follow for an Amazing Road Trip

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There is no doubt about it- road trips are incredible. Regardless of your destination, there is always something lovely with road trips. A fun experience will stay with you for as long as you live. The thrill that comes with getting up and driving to unknown places cannot even be explained with words.

Where will you eat, where will you sleep? When will you get to the next town? It all depends on your where what, and when choices. However, there are numerous factors that will determine how you are going to experience your road trip.

Regardless of your budget, consider the following 8 pointers for the perfect road trip:

  1. Have a Backup Plan

It is not uncommon to find yourself dealing with the unexpected when you are on a road trip- a flat tire that compels you to park your car on the side of the roadway, traffic that delays your journey by three hours, or even feeling like you do not want to drive at all. Things surely happen, but this does not mean you should not prepare early enough to avoid messing things up.

Firstly, ensure that you can get help from roadside assistance to help you in case of anything. Cars tend to experience issues when you don’t expect it and it is wise to prepare prior. If a problem with the car or traffic puts you 3 to 4 hours behind, consider sleeping in a motel for the night.

There are several reputable apps that you can use to book a room so you can have a great sleep, and wake up fresh the next morning. Sometimes a good night sleep can make you forget about the day’s struggles and hassles.

  1. Learn How to Find Your Way- Don’t Depend on Google Maps

Many road trip enthusiasts rely on Google maps for direction. While it is not bad to use maps google maps while driving, using physical maps is much better because you do not need electricity and batteries to find directions.

Have at least two maps- a normal one, and another one for nice pit stops to assist you while driving. You can purchase these at your local book shop, online, or get them for free on select websites.

  1. Park warm and Rain Clothes

Even if you are going for a trip to Western Australia in the summer, you will need to have warm clothes, especially if you are planning to drive up into the mountains. With a waterproof trouser and jacket, bad weather will not stop you at all.

  1. Drive-by Sunrise, Relax by Sunset

There is nothing as interesting as seeing the world while you are awake, especially if you are on the road using a two-wheel. You should always get on the road earlier and settle down as early as you can so that you beat the traffic. Remember serious accidents are likely to occur at night than during the day.

  1. Have Your Destinations Set, and Not Just Expectations

When planning your travel, always revolve around anchor stops such as famous landmarks, national parks, and non-negotiable destinations. Spend the rest of the day exploring and having fun. Expectations and reality do not always align. So, if you anticipate too much, you may be disappointed. However, if you pursue your trip with an open mind, you will meet delights and surprises along the way.

  1. Music

These two things always go together; open road and music. You will have a lot of time to play all your favourite songs. So, make sure you have an amazing playlist on your phone. Make sure to carry your USB cable as well.

With this in mind, it is good to check out local radio to know which kind of music they play and what is good for your ear. They may not play your genre, but they may have something that you will probably come to love.

  1. Eat and Stay Local

Eating local and staying at a local hotel is not a bad thing at all. After all, you are in for the experience, aren’t you? So eat something because it might be the only opportunity you get. While it might feel nice to book accommodation in a shiny new resort, but will you feel bad if you stay at the unique motel down the road?

  1. Cleaning Your Car Before and While on the Road Trip

It does not matter. Leave your receipts in the glove box, leave the gum wrappers and napkins under the car seats, do not worry about the car hair in the back bed, but know that you will be very sorry.

A couple of days into your road trip, when food wrappers and old gum wrappers, when the local maps and the motel receipts flood the glove box when the cat hair begins to find its way into your gar and luggage, you will wish you to pull out the car and run away on foot.

During your road trip, take ample time after several days to purge your van or car of unwanted jetsam the filth and excessive junk will drive you mad. So, clean your car as often as you can.

Image Credits: Richard Jaimes

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