8 Things A Business Can Outsource

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Small business owners tend to do almost everything in their company; from marketing to keeping the books, they wear many hats. It makes sense – after all, who has the time or money to outsource?

This doesn’t have to be true! Here are eight jobs you can easily hand over to someone else, allowing you more time for your actual business while saving money.

8 Things A Business Can Outsource:

1. Website Content Matters

It’s crucial for your website to be professional and fresh, but if you add to it daily (or even weekly), it can take a lot of time away from actually running your business. Hiring a writer or content management firm ensures you stay on top of your game with fresh content throughout the year.

2. Accounting

Working with an accountant can be frustrating at first – they always ask questions you don’t think to ask yourself. However, after the initial confusion, it becomes clear that accountants are invaluable for their keen eye and ability to spot areas where money is being lost (or gained!)

3. Phone and Email

Email and phone support can be a great tool for increasing customer interaction, but it can also eat up time you could use to develop your business. Outsourcing allows you to focus while still building relationships with consumers; if outsourcing isn’t an option, consider hiring someone part-time to help with this.

4. Content Management

Social media is great, but if you’re not constantly posting, how can you expect to stay relevant? Outsourcing your content management ensures that Facebook lives and tweets are happening even when you aren’t around.

5. Data Entry

It might be pretty easy to type “10,000” into a spreadsheet, but doing it 100 times is going to take a lot of time. Instead of spending hours entering data, outsource to a company that can do it in minutes!

6. Personal Errands

Long gone are the days when “personal errands” meant picking up groceries or getting dry-cleaning. These days, even personal errands can be outsourced – everything from hiring a maid to clean while you’re gone on vacation to having someone watch your dog while you fly out of town for business!

7. Marketing and Promotional Design

Creating flyers and designing interesting promotional materials is easy if you know how to do it. If not, it can take hours away from running your business. Instead of doing all the marketing yourself (or hiring someone who may not understand your company!), outsource to a graphic design company that understands what you need while keeping costs down!

8. Cleaning Services

There’s always something to clean in an office, whether it’s the bathroom or the boardroom. For many people, cleaning is a weekly chore that they don’t have time for when running a business. Outsourcing your cleaning services with professionals like Sentrex can be done at a great price!

In Closing

The number one thing to remember when outsourcing? Make sure the company is reliable; don’t hire someone to write your website content if they can’t commit to doing it regularly.

Image Credits: Volodymyr Hryshchenko

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