9 Different Types of Bongs and Which One You Should Try

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Interested in buying your first bong? They aren’t all the same. Make sure you check out these nine different types of bongs and which one you should try.

Marijuana legalization is sweeping the nation. As laws change, marijuana is becoming a more accepted part of society. Most Americans smoked marijuana at least once, and millions smoke weed on a regular basis.

Few things epitomize stoner culture quite like the bong. A bong works by pulling smoke through water. This cools the smoke down resulting in a pleasant smoking experience.

Bongs are no longer relegated to the confines of smelly dorm rooms or basements. Today, plenty of people invest in beautiful bongs and pipes to enjoy their Mary Jane. Some like to display their bongs, while others would like to know how to hide a bong.

Keep reading to learn all about the different types of bongs and their benefits.

Bong Materials

Most bongs you find will be made from glass. Glass bongs are easy to clean, and many of them are even dishwasher safe!

Acrylic is the second most popular material for creating bongs. Acrylic bongs are the cheapest type of bong and they come in numerous varieties.

Unfortunately, acrylic bongs don’t have the best taste and they are difficult to accessorize. They are a great starting bong since it has such a low price point.

Ceramic has been used for smoking for a long time. These classic bongs are usually larger in size and relatively inexpensive.

Unfortunately, ceramic bongs lack percolation and are opaque. Which means you can see when your bong needs to be cleaned.

Nine Types of Bongs You’ll Love to Smoke

Bongs are a classic way to smoke weed. You can find bongs for sale in any smoke shop.

However, not all bongs are made the same. Keep reading to learn about our 9 best bongs so you can choose the best piece for your next smoke sesh.

  1. Tube Bong

Straight tube bongs are the classic, quintessential bong you see in movies. It is made of a long glass cylinder with a flat base that gives it stability.

Usually, tube bongs are made from thick, durable glass. However, you can also find acrylic tube bongs for less money.

The straight tube bong offers a lot of versatility in design and accessories. Tube bongs can have several percolators or intricate designs, but are generally transparent as people love to watch water pipes smoking away. They also include a removable down stem and a bowl slide, which is great for cleaning.

  1. Beaker Bong

The beaker bong is a take on the classic tube bong but with a wider base that adds more stability to your piece.They are more stable than traditional tube bongs, because of their wide base. They’re also a bit easier to clean.

This bong has the appearance of a typical scientific beaker with a removable down stem and slide.

  1. Bubbler 

A bubbler is a smaller take on the traditional bong. These compact water pipes pack a real punch, and they are more discrete than traditional bongs.

Since bubblers are smaller, they don’t have as many features as percolators. They also come as one complete piece without a removable down stem or slide bowl.

This means you don’t need to buy any additional accessories. However, it also makes it harder to clean.

  1. Dab Rig

Dabs are a popular way to consume cannabis. Dabs are a sticky cannabis concentrate that packs a real punch.

You need a special glass pipe, called a dab rig to smoke dabs effectively. Dab rigs resemble a normal bong, but they have a special attachment called a nail that holds your concentrates.

Dab E-nails are designed to withstand extremely high heats. Concentrates placed in the dab rig then heated using a butane torch. The concentrate releases a vapor that you inhale through the mouthpiece like a traditional bong hit.

  1. Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is an exciting new take on the traditional bong.

This piece resembles a wine bottle sitting in a glass tube. The top of the bottle has an airtight, bowl attachment where you place your bud. While the bottom of the bottle has several holes to allow water to pass through.

To use a gravity bong simply light the weed in the bowl and then slowly lift the glass bottle out of the tube. The negative pressure will cause the bottle to fill with thick dense smoke as the water leaves.

Then simply unscrew the cap and take the huge rip. Gravity bongs are an efficient way to smoke weed because they create so much smoke. Plus they get you stoned very quickly.

  1. Round Base Bong

Round base bongs look like a rounder take on the beaker bong. Instead of a triangular base, round base bongs have a bubble-shaped bottom. They hit similarly to a beaker bong, but some people prefer their appearance over the beaker shape.

They also come with a slide bowl and removable downstream which makes them easy to clean.

  1. Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs resemble traditional tube bongs but they have an additional chamber. This additional chamber, known as a percolator, helps cool the smoke before you inhale it.

This creates a smoother smoking experience.

  1. Multi-Chamber Bong

Multi-chamber bongs operate like percolator bongs, but they have at least one more chamber. The additional chamber provides even more smoke filtration. This creates an even smoother smoking experience.

Plus the extra chambers keep bong water from splashing back into your mouth. Multi-chamber bongs are more complex, so they tend to be a bit more expensive. They are also difficult to clean because of all the chambers.

  1. Gas-Mask Bong

The gas-mask bong is by far one of the most intense smoking experience you can have. It works by attaching an acrylic bong to an adjustable gas mask. There is an airtight seal between the bong and the gas mask so no precious smoke escapes.

Simply light the bowl and enjoy a completely immersive smoking experience.

Choose the Best Type of Bong for You

Smoking weed is an amazing way to relax, especially when you use a bong. There are tons of different types of bongs to choose from. Take a look at the features each offers, and choose the best one for you.

While marijuana is fun when enjoyed responsibly, it isn’t legal everywhere. Be sure to check your local laws regarding medical and recreational use before you imbibe.

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