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Running is one of the most important exercises, which is just superb for maintaining a good health. Running should be essentially included as a part of our daily life owing to the number of health benefits that it provides. Moreover, it would be extremely pleasing to know about the benefits that running provides to overall health and well being of the human beings are on a long-term basis. So, you should make it a point to go for running at least at moderate speed for about 15 to 30 minutes on a regular basis to get the best out of the activity.

Enhanced performance of the brain

Running is basically similar to a short term aerobic exercise which increases the heart rate and at the same time increases the flow of oxygen rich blood into the body including the brain as well. When the brain gets highly oxygenated blood, its performance is readily enhanced. This also improves cognition and cardiovascular fitness in especially the aging adults.

Mood is lifted

Running helps in the boosting up of your spirits and helps in making you feel positive. Running being an intense endurance activity, leads to elevated levels of endocannabinoids, which are chemicals in the brain that signal pleasure. By using the proper running shoes, you can get the best out of every running activity, so visit websites like Shoescast.Com to know more about the appropriate running shoes.

Promotes better sleep

Going for a run every day morning can actually help in the promotion of a much better night’s sleep. Even the individuals suffering from insomnia have been observed to be benefitted from running. Moreover, running allows you to have a good quality of sleep at night and hence sleepiness in the day time is drastically reduced.

Reduction of blood pressure

Both men and women having any blood pressure levels can get a lot of benefit from regular running. Running can cause a little rise in the blood pressure levels but it is typically a temporary one which is actually induced by running. If you are unable to run may be for any reasons, you can go for brisk walking but a bit longer compared to running to get the same benefits. Running has proved to reduce the risk of high blood pressure levels, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Reduction of cardiovascular diseases

Simple running for only a mere five minutes on a regular basis reduces the risk of all sorts of cardiovascular diseases by 50 percent. Studies have also revealed that the individuals who run regularly have lessened the risk of death from all causes by about 30 percent and a phenomenal 45 percent lesser risk of death from any kinds of cardiovascular diseases. While running, you should make it a point not to run at very high speed. The speed should be less than six miles per hour.

If you want to live more and increase your lifespan, it is in your own hands. Start running on a regular basis and live a healthier life for a long period of time.

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