A Beginner’s Guide to Scuba Diving: What you Need to Know

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It is hard to believe that there is a completely different world below the water in our seas and oceans, and all it takes to enter this amazing underwater world is a few lessons on scuba diving. Diving is safe providing that you always follow your instructor’s instructions and gradually, he or she will equip you with the essential knowledge that you need to be safe while in the water.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When you enrol at the UAE’s leading scuba diving centre, your qualified instructor begins with the theory that you need to know and should you have any questions, you should ask. Asking questions is one way of learning and it is encouraged in the scuba diving world, whether in a group or one on one learning environment.

Controlled swimming pool dives

Most scuba diving schools have a private pool that they use to acclimatise to being underwater, try finding one local to you by looking up the likes of scuba diving St George Utah. You’ll spend a couple of hours alongside your instructor, who makes sure that you are doing the right things. You learn how to read your oxygen levels and to know what depth you are diving at, while also teaching you how to communicate with your dive buddy. Here are a few great ideas for holidays in 2022, which we all deserve.

Scuba diving equipment

The equipment you need includes the following:

  • Mask – A good quality mask will keep a watertight seal allowing for great vision.
  • Snorkel – Needed when on the surface and the short pipe is connected to the mask with a rubber loop.
  • Wet suit or dry suit – The wet suit is primarily for surfers or wakeboarders, while a dry suit protects you against the cold.
  • Scuba unit – This includes the air tank(s), the pipes, valves and the mouthpiece regulator and the unit is strapped to your back.
  • Belt & weights – If you wear a belt, the right amount of weight makes it much easier to descend.
  • Diving fins – Wearing fins enables you to power through the water and over a few months, you’ll notice how hard your thigh muscles have become.
  • Diving watch – It is important to keep time when on a dive and diving watches range in price, depending on quality. There is a dial on the watch that can be turned to your air limit, which means you know when to surface. Make sure that your diving watch is certified to the depths you plan to dive at.
  • Signalling device – Some dive schools issue students with a loud whistle, which can be blown when floating on the surface to alert others to your position.
  • Diving knife – While not absolutely essential, a good knife can be used to cut away netting or weeds and in the event you spot a turtle snagged in nets, you can release him if you are carrying a knife.

Decompression sickness

Also known as ‘the bends’, decompression sickness is caused by ascending too quickly, which means there is excess nitrogen in the blood. Nitrogen is contained with the compressed air that you breathe and that is not an issue for the diver when under the water; if the diver ascends at the correct rate, the excess nitrogen filters through the lung tissue, but ascending too fast can cause bubbles to form in the blood. This can be fatal, which is why all trainee scuba divers are taught about the dangers of decompression sickness.

If you would like to learn more about enrolling in a scuba diving centre, Google is your best friend and with online booking, you can enrol and book your flights to a tropical paradise. The Middle East is a firm favourite region for scuba diving, with the Red Sea not far away, and the best time to book a diving holiday is now, while things are quiet.

Scuba diving is very popular in UAE and there are many diving schools that cater for beginners to advanced divers. Once you are certified as a diver, you can enjoy the amazing marine world at any time you fancy; hiring equipment is easy, all diving schools cater for experienced divers that need to rent equipment.

Image Credits: Anurag Harishchandrakar

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