A Complete Guide to Onboarding Automation

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Automation is the solution to a more consistent and quality onboarding experience. Onboarding Automation solves the complexity that onboarding comes with. It also delivers a higher retention rate in HR and staffing.

Studies show that the biggest challenges that come with onboarding are inconsistency through the institute. It also calculates opposing priorities and measures the effectiveness of the process. If you are trying to save time while you work to improve the experiences that employees face. Onboarding Automation is the solution to get more consistency.

Though it may look like something a bit impersonal, in reality, it is just the opposite. It creates more opportunities to customize and streamline the onboarding experience, so the employees feel warmth and appreciation. It also helps them to feel more welcome in the company. This allows them to adapt better and get into the designated role sooner.

Automation takes the new hiring process to a whole new level. Onboarding has more than one system involved, and automation caters to all of them. This process can have many people from diverse backgrounds, departments, and sorts of data. Moreover, manual processes can be more automatic.

Onboarding automation connects more systems in more teams. It helps save time, effort, finance, secures the legal system, and supports IT. The operations department, while improving every new employee’s experience with the company.

How to incorporate automated onboarding?

Automated onboarding saves effort, time, and creates a seamless pathway through which you can welcome a new employee. It is a great way to create a talent acquisition experience for the recruiters and the candidates.

As soon as you have found the precise applicant, you can use the last step in your recruitment procedure to activate the first automatic phase in your onboarding course. For example, making and transferring a formal proposal letter for eSignature and finishing other onboarding papers.

Automate the paperwork

Though filling out paperwork is integral to the onboarding of new employees, it should not be the primary key area that needs complete focus. The HR department can make it go faster by automating these monotonous procedures in human resources. Using software to help along the way is very beneficial and can help with:

  • Payroll
  • IT
  • Security clearance
  • More

This process is free from human interaction. Therefore, the chances of any errors are zero. It also allows HR to focus on other areas of onboarding. It makes the new employees adjust well to the organization.

Welcome employees with open arms

There is no denying the anxiety employees feel during their first few weeks of work. You can significantly bring it down by giving them a warm welcome and sincerely welcoming them with open arms. You can try to involve the entire department with face to face greetings. The private touch makes employees feel valued and help them to fit right in. These acts give higher turnover rates, increase their engagement, and set success for the company.

Make an employee journey

Most companies focus on their customers and make customer journeys. To get a better onboarding experience, why not try to make an employee journey as well. This is a sure way to create and build success. The employee journey map is a see-able blueprint that highlights their performance.

It also maps their milestones and helps to retain them longer. The idea behind this is to set career goals for them and pinpoint the small steps necessary to get there. Studies show that this has a significant effect on their performance.

Automatically insert employee data

The use of a modern platform ensures that you can collect information from the employees. It automates it in the systems. Any record such as ERP, accounting system, payroll software, etc. This ensures that you can generate reports on these records automatically. It adheres to the accurate headcount and the demographics of the employees on demand.

Introduce continuous feedback

There are quite a few companies that extent their onboarding programs beyond the first month. For fruitful long-term success, these companies must maintain this on regular basics to get the best results.


Businesses that adopt automated onboarding for their companies not only recruit better but faster. They also have a long-term hold on their employees. It streamlines all the processes and keeps a detailed tab on the data of all the employees. It also helps to retain them for a long time and makes processes run faster than ever.

It is a great way to keep track of all the employee information and automatically generate it to the system when and as required. Studies show that companies that use automated onboarding in their systems can process better in the market than those who do not.

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