A Rapid Guide to Playing Free Casino Games on Smartphones

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Not so long ago mobile phones were used to make phone calls and that was their sole purpose. Soon after text messages gained prominence. There were few entertainment apps and games that were available to mobile phone owners, but entertainment wasn’t one of the main purposes of mobile phones. As mobile technology advanced new possibilities for mobile entertainment opened and mobile phones became entertainment gadgets for a lot of people. With the introduction of smartphones and smartphone technology this changed even more and for many people today their smartphones are their main source of entertainment.

A vast range of different apps have been developed both for iOS and Android phones. Statistics show that there are over 2.2m apps on Google Play and Apple’s App Store featured 2m apps. Many of these apps are entertainment apps. Furthermore, there are many apps which aren’t available on Google Play or App Store which can be downloaded from elsewhere. It is even possible to play online casino games on your smartphones. Here’s how to install a mobile casino on your iPhone. But, you don’t have to play casino games for money, it is also possible to play casino games for free, just for fun. There are few ways how to do that on your smartphone and we are going to explain them to you.

Smartphone Casino Apps

Download Apps

The best way to play free online casino games is to download some of the popular free casino apps available for mobile devices. These apps can be downloaded either from Google Play or from App Store, depending on whether you smartphone is an Android or an iPhone. There are really more than few free online casino apps, but some are more popular than other. The number of downloads is a clear indicator of the popularity of a certain casino app. Companies that develop these apps frequently improve and upgrade them and, in most cases, they will be updated automatically. All you need to do is open either Google Play or App Store, type in ‘free casino apps’ and you will be able to choose from a range of different apps.

Play In-Browser

Alternatively, it is also possible to visit online websites that offer free casino games. There are plenty such websites, and even though most of them are available as downloadable apps, it is possible to play online without downloading. In order to that you’ll need to find websites that offer free casino games, check if they are mobile friendly, and then simply open them in your mobile browser and play games. For more about Instant Play visit FlashCasino.org

Play on Facebook

There is a third option as well. Namely, a lot of free casino games are available on Facebook, as apps that can be accessed directly through your Facebook account. As there hardly is anyone who hasn’t installed Facebook on their smartphone, this is an option which is also available to everyone.


Most of the free casino apps that are available offer a range of games, some even as many as 100 casino games. A majority of the games are slots, as slots are by far the most popular category, but you can also find other casino games, such as Blackjack, or Roulette. Since the apps are free, you are not losing anything if you try out different apps or even two versions of the same app. One thing is guaranteed, you’re going to have fun.


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