Endless Possibilities: Convert, Merge, and Split Your File Formats Using gogopdf

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In the past, people wouldn’t use PDF files since it could only be used for reading files, but it is one of the most popularly used file formats nowadays. One of the most unique PFD converter tools that can be found online is gogopdf.

gogopdf has different ways of altering your file formats. You can convert, merge, and split your files using this tool. Read on for a simple guide on using gogopdf’s file format alteration tools.

Convert Your File Format Using gogopdf

It is undeniable that once you print your Word document, some of the formatting might change. Sometimes, you may notice this issue, but the best solution is to convert your document into an unmodifiable file format. gogopdf offers a Word to PDF converter tool that allows you to convert various file formats to PDF.

Using this tool is straightforward. You only need to choose the file you wish to convert to PDF and drop it to gogopdf’s converter tool. The system immediately analyzes your file. In just a couple of seconds, your files will be ready to download. If you have your file downloaded, you can also share it with your colleagues.

Also, they offer to convert different file formats. If you have Excel, JPG, PPT, and other file formats, you can convert them to PDF using gogopdf. And if you want to convert your PDF files into modifiable file formats, you can do that as well. The processes are the same as converting a Word document to a PDF.

Merge Your PDF Files

There are a lot of people whose files are situated in different folders. However, it will be ideal if the related PDF files could be combined into one copy. Since gogopdf is a multi-functional tool, you can use it to merge your scattered PDF files into one document.

The process begins with selecting a PDF file to merge with another PDF file and dropping it into the merger tool. Once you have your files uploaded to their tool, its system will start to analyze your files. After a while, your files will be ready for download.

If you have downloaded your file, you can immediately share it with others. The entire process will only consume less than a minute, depending on your internet connection.

Split PDF Pages

Sometimes, you may need to separate the pages of a PDF file. gogopdf offers you the options of splitting PDF pages. The first step is to select the PDF file and drop it to the splitting area. There will be options available for you to choose from on how you want to split your PDF file, for example, you can choose what pages you want to separate. After the entire process, you can download your newly split PDF files.

Security Features

Security is an essential feature, especially for your files. This is necessary for those who happen to have confidential and personal information in their files. To be sure that your files are in safe hands, the gogopdf system automatically deletes your files an hour after you have finish using their tool.


gogopdf is indeed an easy and reliable tool. If you are looking for more features that gogopdf offer, you can check out their website. They offer various tools for altering your file formats. The possibilities are endless when you use this web-based tool. They also offer a free trial for a limited time only. Try it now!

Image Credits: Mikhail Nilov

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