Acquiring Office IT Hardware: Save Money with These Tips

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An essential aspect of setting up a business is the IT hardware for the office and while many people seek the services of an IT consultant, this is a costly way to acquire essential IT hardware and digital accessories. Before you start looking at IT hardware, you need to assess your needs and, in some cases, outsourcing is a cheaper alternative. For those who are seriously into computing, the DIY road awaits.

If you are reasonably IT savvy, here are a few tips for IT hardware solutions.

  • Custom-built workstation PCs – When you take a look at computer prices, the best deals are to be had with online IT equipment suppliers that will custom build PCs to your spec. If graphics are important, you really do need lots of DDR RAM and hi-end graphics cards, then your professionals can work at speed, which boosts productivity. If you are on the cloud, you don’t need extra drives; all your data is remotely stored and SSD ensures optimum performance and with no bulky data, your PCs will sing!
  • Avoid low end computers – There’s no point in fitting out your office with Intel i3 chips, no matter how cheap the deal might be. The mainboards cannot take adequate RAM chips to make them run at top speed, which for an i3 CPU, is extremely slow. The core i7 generation are still regarded as hi-end, even though Intel has introduced the i9 processor, it is very expensive, as is the norm with cutting edge hardware. Simply put, spending money on hi-end tech will save you money in the long run; you can expect at least 3 years of trouble-free, high-speed computing and with a little upgrade here and there, 5 years is not unrealistic. The i5 series is just about mid-range and not worth investing in today, while AMD equivalents are attractive.
  • Buy online – When looking to acquire any IT hardware or accessories, you won’t find a better deal than the online IT hardware supplier, who can custom build PCs to spec and cheaper than anywhere else. The online supplier doesn’t have the huge costs of running a retail outlet and they order high volumes, meaning big discounts, which they pass on to the customer. This means you have a single shop solution for everything from mousepads to office PCs and with free delivery, you save even more. Here are some killer niche marketing tips.
  • Evaluate your IT hardware needs – Of course, a lot depends on your budget; if you look at the minimum required to get by and if that figure is manageable, add a few items like a scanner and colour printer. You could manage your business with a smartphone and laptop; all you need is a high-speed Internet connection and you are good to go. You could outsource printing, unless you have a lot, in which case, invest in a good quality colour printer that you can find with the online supplier. Always read product reviews, as they give you accurate customer feedback and you can be sure that the component can do what you need.
  • Self-Building PCs – If you know all the components, you can’t really go wrong; choose a CPU, mainboard, case, RAM chips, drives, graphics card, cooling system, power supply and ethernet controller and build according to the instructions. Not only will you have a feeling of accomplishment, you save 30% by building the machine, which is not pocket change.

When you shop online for IT hardware, you have the same consumer rights as if you purchased in a bricks and mortar store and hopefully, your IT solutions will power your business to success. As the business expands and you don’t have the time to spend on IT management, outsource to a managed IT services provider. Self-build is definitely the way to go when you need a bank of workstation PCs, especially if you are in the tech sector, using machine learning and 3D imaging. Order the perfect machine from the custom PB builder and save money, while equipping your employees with the best IT.

Image Credits: Onur Binay

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