Actuators Making Life Easier For People with Disabilities

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Actuators can shed light on the fact that physical disability does not mean the disabled in society become inactive and unable, however, problems of reduced mobility can severely limit their level of activity. The presence of electric linear actuators can aid the disabled in very many aspects of life both within and outside their homes providing an enhanced level of freedom, independence and mobility.

Electric Actuators
Electric Actuators

Solution for Disabled adapted Vehicles

Electric actuators are designed to lift up to a metric ton. They are controlled by hands or operated by a remote control enabling a disabled person to move themselves in a wheelchair and lift them up into a vehicle unassisted. The 12v actuators can lift a person to the required height to access a vehicle and to position steering wheel and gear shifts or the gas pedal. Preferred settings for seating and control positions can be automatically saved.

Disabled Adapted Vehicle Using Actuators
Disabled adapted vehicle using actuators

Retrofit Actuator Fitted Door Opening System

Automatic Door Controlled By Electric Actuators
Automatic door controlled by electric actuators

Individuals in wheelchairs may have problems opening doors. The fitting of an automatic opening system for the disabled who may want to move in between rooms has become accessible with the introduction of the actuator systems. The doors can be fitted with automatic sensors to detect a person approaching in a wheelchair, opening it automatically. They can also be operated by a remote control to enable voluntary entry and exit into the rooms. As technology becomes increasingly cheaper and more advanced, it can be advantageous to research custom wheelchairs.

Automatic lighting, Curtains and Blinds

A physically disabled individual may not be able to reach or operate curtain or lighting controls within a room, another instance where actuator systems can serve as a perfect helper for them. The system can open and close curtains or turn lights on or off by means of a remote control, it is also possible to include wireless controlled sockets to disconnect all the electrical appliances in the house saving on the cost of electricity.


Remote Controlled Actuator For Opening Curtains
Remote Controlled actuator for opening Curtains
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