Adding the Finishing Touches to Your New House

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It’s a familiar feeling: you step back after weeks of preparation and take in your new house. Everything looks as you imagined it would, but there’s just something… missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know your new house is definitely lacking something. When you’ve been immersed in getting everything ready, it’s possible to miss some of the finer details, and that’s where you’re likely to notice things aren’t as they should be. Here are some tips on adding the finishing touches to your new house.

Plant flowers in your front garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a front garden, you’re squandering not only aesthetic appeal but eventual resale value if you don’t make the most of it. When people are walking by your home, it’s the garden they will pay attention to; not only that, but you’ll have somewhere nice to sit outside during the warm months. You could also consider working on the back garden, as this will add resale value as well. If you need high-quality flowers to plant, we recommend you check out Lindis Flower Bulbs.

Co-ordinate style between rooms

When it comes to your interiors, it’s not possible to overstate the importance of co-ordinating style. Your home won’t feel complete if each room feels distinct in a way that suggests a lack of a cohesive design philosophy. Think about everything from colour scheme through to accessories. What do you want to be the overarching “theme” of your home? When you’ve decided this, you need to paint each room and add accessories that reflect this theme or colour scheme.

Add artwork and photographs

One of the best ways you can demonstrate your personality and add finishing touches to your home is to display artwork and photographs in as many rooms as possible. If you’re an artist yourself, then displaying your own original work is a good move; it’ll get guests talking, give you a space to demonstrate your talent, and add those all-important final flourishes to a home. Photography is just as important; your family’s life, your travel adventures, or even some of your pet’s antics are all perfect.

Put plants around the house

Not only are plants beautiful in and of themselves, but they also have very well-documented health benefits if you pick the right ones. Plants can improve your air quality, which is ideal if you live in or near the middle of a city. They’re also excellent for mental health; if you find yourself struggling with depression or anxiety, plants can help with that, not least because they represent a project you can undertake long-term. Make sure you dot plants around the house and don’t just concentrate them in one room.

Burn candles

Burning candles which use good-quality wax and oils can massively reduce stress, help with sleep, and contribute hugely to the ambience of any room. Picking attractive candle holders also has the added bonus of bringing aesthetic appeal to any room in which your candles are placed. You’d be surprised just how much a candle can bring to your home, especially if you’re celebrating a romantic anniversary. They’re also great for covering up unwelcome odours from pets or as-yet unwashed clothing.

Don’t neglect the kitchen

As one of the two most functional rooms in your house (the other one being the bathroom), the kitchen can often be neglected by many homeowners who simply don’t feel it needs to look attractive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Clearing out your kitchen and maintaining it will contribute to your overall health and wellness, but it’ll also motivate you to cook. A cluttered kitchen means you won’t be able to find anything; an attractive, well-maintained kitchen leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Consider outdoor seating

During the summer months, your family – and any guests you invite over – will probably want somewhere to sit that isn’t quite as stifling and humid as the inside of a house can sometimes get. In these moments, it’s an excellent idea to install seating in your back garden. The best outdoor seating arrangements are simultaneously adventurous and intimate; they give the feeling of dining under the stars while also maintaining the cosy warmth of a good dining room.

Install mood lighting or dimmer switches

Sometimes, a simple binary on-off lightswitch can cause a room to either feel harsh or poorly illuminated. In these moments, dimmer switches can make all the difference. Being able to control the level of light in a room is perfect for more intimate or relaxing moments; watching a movie, for example, or taking a bath. You could even install smart lighting if you want even more control over not only the level of light but also the colour and intensity.

Add cushions

You’d be amazed how much of a complete feeling good cushions can bring to a home. Your sofa is, after all, your base of operations; it’s where you’ll likely relax after a hard day at work and it’s almost certainly where your family will hang out when the day is done. This being the case, good cushions will act as pillows, comforters, and even impromptu dinner trays (if you’re careful with the upholstery, of course). Don’t neglect this oft-overlooked accessory, because it can add a surprising amount of character.

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