Be Cute and Comfy This Season With These Tips

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When you are in your spring chicken years, you often feel like you get away with wearing just about anything, no matter how outrageous or quirky it is. Comfort often doesn’t even feature in our wardrobe choices. However, as we get older, our feelings change and we often want to prioritize comfort over everything else – but we also don’t want to compromise on style as well.

However, this poses an issue. Quite often, finding clothes that tick the boxes of both on-trend but also comfortable to feel like you are still in your pajamas can be a big challenge. Here, we look at how you can look both cute and comfy this season.

Look at leggings

You might believe that leggings are a dead giveaway that you prioritize comfort over an extremely chic wardrobe, or that they would never be appropriate for anything but chilling in the house or the gym. However, this is not necessarily true. Leggings can be transformed into something incredibly professional and suited for the workplace. Rather than the glossy spandex material of workout leggings, look for a thick cotton pair with pant-like elements such as visible seams or zippers, rather than a pair made entirely of LYCRA. Pair with longer tops such as a white button-up and a sweater or a long jacket for a more formal look. Shoes in black, such as heels, boots, or ballerina flats, help to lengthen your appearance and make your ensemble look put-together and fashionable. For relaxing in the house or days out, funny easter shirts and hoodies with fresh white sneakers look superb.

Layers are your friends

When it comes to looking fashionable, any fashionista will tell you that layering is the quickest and most foolproof method to employ when it comes to being comfy and cool. There is something about a long jacket or duster that makes you seem completely elegant no matter what you are wearing underneath it. Whether you are wearing jeans and loafers or sneakers and black slacks, if you slip on a long jacket over your outfit, you will undoubtedly appear stylish and up to date. A trench coat or duster is appropriate for rainy summer days and cool nights, and a wool jacket is appropriate for cool spring days and nights.

Dresses can be comfy

Cotton dresses look perfect in the spring and summer and are super comfortable to boot. They are easy to wear, and if the days are chilly, a cute cardigan and sneakers will keep you cosy, and if we are blessed with hot spring days, they will keep you cool and airy.

Being comfortable absolutely does not have to be at the expense of being stylish and cute. Look for natural materials that will keep you warm on cooler days and cool on warmer days, make sure they fit so that they are not digging in or riding up and most of all, make sure you choose things that make you feel great about yourself.

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