Coordination is the Key to Perfect Wedding Dresses

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On the occasion of a wedding ceremony, attention must be paid to each one’s role and each one’s outfit. The mother of the bride is one of the most important guests of the wedding. She will have to follow some indications concerning the choice of her Mother of the Bride Dresses.

A wedding is a great event, a day out of time and everyday that gives everyone the opportunity to wear their best clothes and to appear to his advantage.

The bride’s friends will turn to beautiful evening wedding guest dresses to honor the union of their friend. What about the parents of the bride and groom in all this? They too will want to pay particular attention to their look, from the choice of the wedding hairstyle to that of appropriate Short Mother of the Bride Dresses the approaching celebration.

Today, we will focus on the mothers of the newlyweds and the outfits that they will be able to wear for the wedding of their child.

Respect the Style of Marriage

The best way to start your research is to focus on what you know about the wedding atmosphere. The bride and groom will certainly share with their mother their wedding theme and the atmosphere imagined for this great day. This will be of great help in determining which types of clothing to choose. Respect the style of the reception and add a personal touch, that’s how to carry off a perfect look!

Talk To the Mothers of the Newlyweds

The mothers of the newlyweds are among the main protagonists of the day. They will be present alongside their children during the ceremony and will participate in many group photos. So it can be interesting that both moms agree on their dresses. This will prevent them from wearing exactly the same color or the contrary to display styles totally mismatched. It is always good to keep a unity of style while leaving everyone free to express their personality.

White Dress: Forbidden

As for the rest of the guests of the wedding party, the white evening dress is to be avoided on this occasion. We cannot take the risk that the bride being confused with one of her guests. Unless the bride and groom have decided on a blank dress code for all guests, the mothers of the newlyweds will have to choose a dress color that clearly distinguishes them.

Choose the Right Color

Apart from white, there are a lot of possibilities. Pastel tones are a good idea, because they are very soft, chic and thus, are quite appropriate. Pale pink, coral or champagne can be interesting options in both fresh and vaporous fabrics.

Bright Colors

Mothers can also be tempted by bright colors like a red evening dress in strawberry or cherry tones. A beautiful turquoise blue can also be considered for a spring or summer wedding. If the wedding takes place in autumn or winter you should favor brown, bottle green, burgundy red or navy blue in a thicker and perfectly cut fabric.

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