How Did We Become a World of Gamers?

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Video gaming has become the world’s favorite entertainment in an incredibly short amount of time.

When you consider that primitive games of Pong first started appearing on our home computers in the 1970s, and that there are now over one billion gamers in the world, it shows just how fast the spread of video gaming has happened.

Convenience rules

Whilst the first home computers were large, slow and prohibitively expensive, today we can now enjoy a world of gaming entertainment from our smartphones.

With 6.1 billion smartphone users predicted globally by 2020, it seems as though most of us now have a portable gaming platform in our pockets.

Although powerful next-gen consoles like the upcoming Microsoft Xbox One S aim to push the boundaries of our gaming entertainment, it appears convenience is still king. And with this year’s Nintendo Switch taking a few lessons in convenience from our mobile devices, there’s never been a better time to game on the go.

As a result, many traditional gaming genres have successfully made the switch to small-screened entertainment. Whilst the blog at New Jersey Online Casinos shows how casino games have survived a rapid evolution, it’s nothing compared to their phenomenal popularity enjoyed thanks to the smartphone revolution.

Improved gameplay

Despite simple games like Tetris still being big hits on our smartphones, the global gaming revolution could never have happened without a big improvement in our gaming choices.

So whether it’s exploring an infinite universe in No Man’s Sky, embracing your inner gangster in Grand Theft Auto, or even working your way through the football leagues on FIFA 17, there’s a game for every taste.

And with Pokémon Go ushering in a striking new way for augmented reality to make our gameplay more immersive than ever, it seems as video games in the 21st century are still improving at a rapid pace.

Broadened demographics

Whilst gamers were once stereotyped as teenage boys, it seems that everyone can now enjoy gaming entertainment that is tailored to their needs.

Whether it’s pre-school kids enjoying Disney’s simple online games, or adults aiming to win big at Caesars casino, there’s been the welcome sight of video gaming becoming a socially acceptable activity across a broad range of demographics.

And with lucrative eSports tournaments looking to take on the coverage of traditional sport entertainments and the winnings of Caesars Casino, it looks like our hunger for video games knows no bounds.

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