Benefits of Having a Home Visit Doctor

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Acute illness is not foretold or premeditated; it can occur at any time of the day. When you are unable to access your regular GP in an unexpected illness, after hours doctor at home may benefit you from timely treatment and advice to protect you or your loved ones.

1300 Dr To Me – After Hours Home Doctor is an accredited after-hours medical deputizing service providing after hours doctor visits at home in Western Australia. We provide bulk-billed home doctor visits in the Perth metropolitan area from Joondalup to Rockingham. Of course, not everybody lives in Australia, in which case, try searching online with your geographic area in the search query, e.g. Doctors Urgent Care Warren.

How can you Book a Home Visit?

If you need medical assistance during the after-hours period, dial 1300 Dr To Me (1300 37 86 63) to speak with our triage team and book an appointment with a doctor. Our triage team will estimate the time of visit and provide you with further information regarding the home visit. Generally, our doctors will visit you within 2 hours of the call request being made. However, visit times may vary and depend on a number of factors such as traffic, service demand, weather and distances to travel.

What Illnesses can Home Doctors Treat?

Our After-Hours Doctors can assist you with most acute medical conditions such as respiratory illness, gastric illness, infectious illness, eye related illness, ear associated illness, skin infections, common pain related illness, and/or unexpected injury. Our After-Hours Doctors are highly experienced, and carry diagnostic and treatment supplies to assist you in the after-hours period.

Benefits of an After-Hours Doctor at Home

We provide medical care at the convenience of your home during the after-hours period when you are unable to access standard medical care. It is often convenient to avoid an unnecessary trip to the Emergency Department when your medical need is not an emergency, and assistance can be provided to you at home.

Our doctors can provide you with basic assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Where applicable, our after-hours doctors can even provide starter dose for medicine to get you on the road to recovery from your illness. If your illness is urgent and requires emergency medical assistance, our doctors will provide you with a referral to the nearest Emergency Department and provide handover to ambulance services (where applicable).

Continuity of Care with Your GP

Once your home visit is complete, our Dial A Doctor in Perth complete cycle of care by transferring a copy of your treatment notes to your regular GP. Having access to this information will assist your GP being informed and providing continuity of care to your health & medical needs in future.

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