Benefits Your Business Can Enjoy if You Invest in Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation can make your business successful. While this might be true, so can other things. So, why should you invest in marketing automation? What benefits can your business enjoy if you spend on this?

For starters, tools like Zoho marketing automation truly work. Automation tools can help a business increase its sales productivity while reducing its overall marketing overhead. Also, companies that use marketing automation to build their lead prospects can see better, qualified leads. These nurtured prospects, later on, are more likely to make purchases compared to non-nurtured ones.

Aside from those mentioned above, here are more in-depth explanations of the benefits of marketing automation.

Help you Gain Better Leads

Marketing automation can start helping your business even while you’re still funneling your leads. Since you can now automate the messages you send en masse, you can save time crafting and sending this one by one. And since the messages are directed to leads that show real promise of conversion, you have better and more quality leads.

The time you should have spent crafting marketing messages and sending them one by one can now be used for more critical marketing tasks.

Offers Tracking Methods To Understand Your Prospects Interests

Through marketing automation tools like Zoho marketing automation, you can also get a more detailed and more vibrant picture of the buying behavior of your potential customers. You can then gear your marketing messages and effort towards these patterns to make your prospects engaged and convinced to buy what you’re selling.

The use of a behavioral tracking tool, like following your user’s path in navigating your website, your marketing automation software can give your marketing team valuable insights. It highlights where your prospects are in your business’ purchasing lifecycle.

For example, a customer is tracked reading about a broad product category. This behavior suggests that he is already at the start of the purchasing process. This means that he is researching and comparing details while finalizing his shortlist. If he proceeds to read more information about a specific product, chances are, he is now ready to connect with a salesperson.

Bring all the information from different touchpoints

Another advantage marketing automation tools can offer to bring all information from various touch points like direct marketing, social media, downloads, and site visits, together. Insights from these touchpoints can lead to lead prioritization, qualifying, and scoring.

Data from the identified touchpoints can be used for marketing campaigns like the following:

  • Lead nurturing
  • Twitter and Facebook messaging
  • Sending of personalized emails
  • Sending of scheduled “drip feed” emails to keep prospects interested
  • Trigger-based marketing

The main point of marketing automation is to transform the business’ traditional marketing efforts into a more streamlined and automated one while maintaining the magic of the human touch.

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