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As we move through lockdowns here in Australia, many gyms and fitness centres have had to close their doors, which seriously impedes their customers, who rely on them for the right equipment. If you are a serious workout freak, this drive will be with you for the rest of your life and investing in a home gym is the perfect solution.

How to Design and Create a Home Gym

The first thing to do is locate an Australian supplier of top-quality fitness equipment and workout gear, such as, who stock everything you need to create the perfect gym. Start with a couple of dumbbells, some weights and a bar, which are all available online, as well as accessories like racks, benches and floor mats. The spare room would be the obvious choice for your home gym and you can check equipment dimensions on the supplier’s website and when you have what you need in your shopping cart, head to checkout and with a secure online payment, your equipment will be delivered to your door.

White Background

The major colour in your gym should be white, with as many full-length mirrors as you can fit onto one wall. Make sure the paint can be washed, as there will be dirty marks after a while and white is the best colour as it energises you, ready for action. It might take a few coats to cover the underlying colour and regarding flooring, you can order rubber mats that can be cut to size. Essential ventilation can be supplied by a single extractor fan and with LED spots, your home gym is almost complete.

Bench & Racks

Your adjustable bench should be placed opposite the mirrored wall, with the racks a short distance away and if you would rather invest periodically, prioritise the items and over a few years, you will acquire everything you need. When you shop online, there are no pushy salespeople to bother you and should you have any questions about a unit, there would be an employee online manning the chat window.


The simplest solution is to invest in a Bluetooth speaker and run your smartphone playlists, choosing tunes that motivate you to go for the burn! If you are worried about bothering the neighbours, you would probably be better off wearing your buds. Motivational posters of your sporting heroes will add a touch of character to your gym and they can be ordered online.


While you have a nice set of weights, you need either a rowing machine or a treadmill, which can sit in the corner. The other option is a cycling machine, which gives you cardio, plus it strengthens your thighs. On the topic of weight training, here are a few ways to recover from an intense workout. If you normally jog but cannot due to covid travel restrictions, a treadmill will solve your problems and you can adjust the speed to suit. If you buy a treadmill form the online supplier, you pay trade prices, which should save you 15-20% and most fitness equipment providers offer low-interest finance to spread the payment over a few months.

Boxing Equipment

If you are planning to join UFC as an MMA fighter, you’ll need a medium bag, some bag gloves and a pair of 10-ounce sparring gloves. Of course, a lot depends on the amount of space you have and the online supplier has you covered for all fitness equipment.

Custom Fitouts

If you would rather the supplier design and install your home gym, they do offer a custom fitout service that makes the best use of available space and with secure fittings, your gym will be safe. If you would like a quote to supply and install state of the art fitness equipment, search with Google for a leading Australian supplier and see what they have to offer.

The government is concerned that people have to isolate for long periods and here is some useful information on maintaining physical fitness, which we should all read. Choose a room and start measuring to see what equipment fits snugly and before long, you will have your own home gym and can say goodbye to gym membership fees.

Image Credits: Jonathan Borba

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