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Are you looking for a boat to enjoy the Australian sun on? Many Brisbane citizens and tourists are flocking to dealerships to get their hands on their own water vessel.  When looking for a boat there are a few things you have to consider. Amongst these important factors are the boat dealership you decide to buy from.

Expert dealerships have the relevant knowledge and information to assist you in making the best purchase for your budget and overall need. Since boats are a foreign vehicle to most of us, it’s important to understand the construction of it first before looking into purchasing. Check out this boating terminology to understand the construction of a great boat better.

Dealerships who have been in the business for a very long time, can provide you with a test drive, training, and all necessary information you need to be your own vessel owner. Because of all the extras you need to own a boat (like licenses, registration, safety training, etc.), you’ll need to be picky when choosing a dealership.

Here are a few things you have to consider when picking a dealership in Brisbane:

Know What You Want

Before approaching any boating salesman, you need to know exactly what kind of boat you want. You need to consider size, horsepower, maintenance, function, and type. As well as whether you will be able to afford a brand new model or a pre-owned one. If you aren’t sure what vessel you should buy, you should do some research first.

Dealerships who have been in the industry for a very long time will be able to give you quality information on what to choose.

Consider Location

Consider where you will be storing your boat as well as where you’ll do most of your boating. It’s a good idea to choose a dealership close to where you will be operating. This will ensure that you can visit the dealership anytime you need maintenance done, hire a trailer for transport, or need expert advice on different boating parts.

It has become quite popular for citizens in and around Brisbane to use local dealerships for their purchases, since the ocean is right on the doorstep. Check out this link: for more information about boat dealers in Brisbane.


All boats have to be licensed to ensure they comply to industry standards. Make sure that your dealership has all of these licensing in order. In most cases, the National Marine Manufacturers Association will be responsible for certifying boats. You can request a copy of this license to check its credibility.

Check out for Marine 5-star dealerships. When they have a 5-star certificate, it means that they have industry-approved facilities, high quality employee training, and excellent operational and sales services.

It’s important that dealerships follow rules and regulations set by local authorities to ensure the safety of their clients. It is within your right to ask whether the dealership is certified and part of associations.

Also consider whether the dealership offers test drives, either free or paid. It’s important that you are able to take it out for a spin before making a purchase.

Reviews and Recommendations

Even with the amount of online marketing going on, personal reviews and recommendations are still quite important. If you want to ensure that you are choosing the right sales people, then you should definitely look for some honest client reviews.

Previous and current customers of the dealership will be able to give you insight on the company’s boating selection and customer service. Potential clients can check online review platforms and even the general state attorney’s office for any complaints.

Good dealerships will have mostly excellent reviews and high sales ratings.

Options Available

When you buy a boat there are a few things you have to consider. And having limited options won’t make the shopping experience any fun.

Some dealerships only sell certain brands of boats. Depending on what brand you are interested in, you’ll choose accordingly. In Brisbane, Yamaha has become quite popular and people have been choosing dealerships that has the brand in store.

Shop around and compare a few dealerships with each other before deciding on one specifically.

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