Can Your Relationship Survive an Affair?

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Affairs quite literally tear a relationship apart. Most people when asked whether they could forgive their partner for having an affair would say no. However, whilst it is not easy for any couple to rebuild shattered trust and heal in the wake of infidelity, it is possible. And if you are both willing to make a commitment to repairing the damage and dealing with what caused the affair, you may even end up with a stronger relationship in the end.

What Causes an Affair?

More often than not affairs happen because of opportunity rather than intent, especially if the affair is with a work colleague or someone in your social circle. Usually, though, affairs are symptoms of an underlying relationship problem rather than the cause. It is worth remembering that not all affairs are sexual. Some are purely emotional: online relationships formed via social networks can be just as intense as relationships conducted in real life – and just as damaging. Major life changes such as the birth of a baby, money worries and sexual incompatibility are common reasons for conflict within a relationship. If these conflicts are unresolved, one partner may feel driven into the arms of someone else.

Talking Therapy

In order to survive an affair, you both need to acknowledge there is a problem and be willing to talk about it honestly and without recrimination. It isn’t easy to do this and if one person refuses to engage, it will be impossible to repair the damage.

The wronged partner will want to talk about what has happened. They will want answers and to know every last detail. The unfaithful partner may not want to talk about it because it is painful to admit they have done wrong, but a willingness to talk helps start the healing process. At the same time, their partner also needs to be willing to listen. Shouting abuse and playing the blame game won’t help bring the relationship back from the brink.

As unpalatable as it might be, both partners have to accept some responsibility for what has happened. A lack of communication and an inability to relate to each other are the perfect environment for an affair. The only way to heal and move on from an affair is to accept that you are both to blame and start looking at ways to resolve the underlying issues.

Moving On

Once an affair is out in the open, the person having the affair must be willing to cut off contact with their lover immediately. Everything must be above board from now on. No more sneaking around and clandestine meetings. If trust is to be rebuilt, the wronged partner needs to know what the affair is over.

Rebuilding the trust is not going to happen overnight. It can take months and even years to heal the pain of an affair, but as long as both partners are willing to work at creating a stronger, more committed relationship, it is possible to survive an affair.

If your relationship is in turmoil as a result of an affair, fear not because help is at hand. With the aid of some psychic healing and insight from the TheCircle you will find the strength to forgive your partner and be happy once again.

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