Car Maintenance 101: Don’t Miss Out on These Points to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

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Why It Is Important To Take Care of Your Vehicle

Unlike a lot of developing countries, people depend heavily on their personal cars as a source of their main transportation. With this in mind, it means that not only are you putting an excessive amount of miles and wear and tear on your vehicle but you are also at risk of destroying it if you don’t keep proper maintenance on it.

A lot of people don’t see the importance of simple things like keeping the gas tank above the half mark line or getting an oil change the moment the oil light comes on but what they don’t realize is every time something like this is ignored they are damaging their vehicle and are risking a more expensive problem that could have been prevented way earlier. Taking care of your car is also important because it’s a huge asset that you have put tons of money into to and can possibly sell if you take good care of it.

Oil Check and Changes

It is estimated that any time in America there is roughly 22% of cars that have overdue or dirty oil that needs to be changed. On average it costs about 120$ to change your car’s oil in a timely fashion, the damage of not changing your oil on time and routinely can range anywhere between 4,000-4500$ a year. Taking preventative care of your car is crucial to its well being and there are many benefits other than just saving money that make it worthwhile to get an oil change on time.

  • Maintaining a Lubricated Engine: There are tons of small and large pieces in the hood of your car that desperately require oil in order to function smoothly and not rust/break and overheat this is why its crucial to always have fresh oil that’s not overworked and dirty to ensure the best health of your engine and valves
  • Cools Down All Those Parts and Your Engine: Without oil, these small engine parts can become extremely overheated and began a friction process that will eventually leave to damaged parts that need to be replaced and they are VERY expensive, its easier to just maintain the oil that way you aren’t spending an arm and a leg
  • Gas Mileage: Believe it or not but a well functioning and lubricated engine also lead to better gas mileage overtime at a 1-2% increase which means more money in your pocket.
  • Removes the Sludge: After a time the oil you once put in your car begins to thicken causing a reaction to produce a sludgy material that can block up chambers and even harden over time if not cleared quickly enough, once sludge starts appearing you can guarantee it will be pricey.
  • The Life of Your Car: Getting regular oil changes has many benefits but the best benefit is that you are prolonging the life and wellness of your vehicle so that you can keep it for 10-15 years instead of 5.

Tyre Maintenance

Rotating your tires allows for them to flip the tire so that they are changing position and location on your car depending on the car you have. Commercial tyres are good for anywhere between 2 to sometimes three years but its a good idea to get them rotated at least 2-3 times a year or every time you get an oil change to prolong the life of the tire.

If you start to see small white fibres or lines on your tire this means you are past due on getting a tire change and a risking the chance of getting a flat. The best time to get a new tire is when there is no more ridges or plastic strings on them because you are also running the risk of slipping and sliding on wet roads. If your tires are past due make sure you stay off of highways and interstates and never drive in inclement weather.

Brake Maintenance

Only is it important to maintain the wellness of your oils but its also important to check out your breaks and how they are running on a regular basis? When you even begin to hear the smallest squeak its good time to go ahead and check your rotors and see if its time to get them changed.

In most cases, if you catch that small squeak before it becomes a loud squeak you will save a lot of money just replacing the rotors rather than the entire brake itself. You can do this at almost any automotive shop to or car shop they will be more than happy to help you if you aren’t sure what to look for.

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