Catering For An Event At The Last Minute!

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There’s always a sense of urgency when it comes to food. You’ve got to keep a close eye on it when it’s cooking, lest it burns or chars when you turn away. You’ve got to get it out on the plates and through to the dining room before the meal goes cold. And ultimately, you’ve got keep an eye on best before dates, to make sure you’re never eating your way through potentially harmful foods!

So when the time comes that you’ve got an event to arrange, but the event is tomorrow and you’ve only got 20 hours max to get everything sorted, you can start to panic. Maybe no one told you about that surprise birthday, or maybe you completely forget about the plans for your parents’ anniversary. Either way, you’ve got some cooking to do! But how do you make sure these whirlwind efforts come to fruition?

Write it Down!

Don’t panic, first of all. Stop and think for a moment – you’ve got 20 hours or so, how can you best use them to get yourself a good spread together? What recipes are well received by your friends and family? What will you need to pick up from the store to make them? Do any of them require some overnight chilling, or a two day marinade beforehand?

If so, cut them off the list right now! You don’t have time, and there’s no point wasting your energy. Be cutthroat with your options, and spend a good five minutes just going through a hasty plan that’s better than rushing down aisles and just grabbing what might be good!

You Just Ask Someone Else!

So, your parents are renewing their vows, and you promised you’d do the cooking. But now you’re realising that’s a way too hefty undertaking for you and you alone… But you can’t let your folks down!

And you don’t have to, as long as you know who to call and when to call them. A company like Creative Culinary Solutions could do well for you here; you could even go half and half on the amount of food with them, seeing as you’re booking at such short notice.

Pick Up Some Takeaway

If you’ve only got a couple of hours to get some food together, seeing as you just got off of a long work shift and have only just remembered you were meant to cook burgers and hot dogs and a bit of side salad for the annual family garden party, then your options are limited. You might be able to speed home and get some sandwiches ready in that time, but probably not.

So just let yourself stop off at a takeaway on your way there and grab some grub you know everyone is going to love digging into. You can arrange it all pretty on plates when you get there, but a saver menu is always going to be cheap enough to buy in bulk from!

How are your catering plans going?

Image Credits: Kelsey Chance

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