Chenal Valley and Chenal Parkway Residences and Home Sales

Are you looking to visit a Southern oasis that is surrounded by scenery, or are you getting the feel for the outdoors but still want to be in the comfort of your own home and back yard? Well, look no further than Waterview Estates. This lush farmland is smack dab in the middle of the Chenal Valley and Chenal Parkway, and there are many lots and homes for sale in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by numerous amenities, within the comfort of a beautiful gated community.

Where is Waterview?

Waterview is just a stone’s throw away from Western Little Rock, Arkansas, and you can find your dream home in a large bustling area that will change your life forever. As for that beautiful scenery mentioned above, you can literally be surrounded by nature, from the woodlands, to Lake Maumelle to the southwest, and to the river valley to the northeast. And even more stunning is the amazing view of the Ozark mountains in the Northwest.

Not only is the scenery great, but compared to most areas, it’s not just one community, but an entire cluster of them, all protected by the same area, with things like tennis courts, horse stables, training areas available for all, and walking and hiking trails.

How much is real estate?

Whether you’re purchasing lots in Chenal and West Little Rock for sale or want a home that has already been built, you’ll generally find that the real estate and residences available in Waterview is more friendly than some of the bigger states and cities. That’s one of the great things about Arkansas: the cost of living is more suitable than most other populated areas.

What about the family?

With the numerous amenities in the area, you can be sure that Waterview has a very family-oriented atmosphere and will give you that little bit of city living, while having the comfort of country living too. You can even get that special vacation property feel that you wouldn’t normally get from a home. They have large lots available, parks, and even more recreation areas than most places, so your children will always have a place to play and you can have that yard you’ve always dreamed of.

What else is special about Waterview?

With the shortage of vacant lots in Arkansas in recent years, it’s important to know that many of the lots in Waterview are still open and unpurchased. This means that there are plenty of options to choose from. Don’t want to live right next door to someone? Purchase a lot that has some land in between you and your neighbors in order to have a little more room, or you can purchase an extra lot and have more land surrounding your home.


Arkansas can give you the benefits of Southern comfort as well as the bustling life of living in an amazing and family-catered city community. You can rest assured that an area with a 5-star rating will provide you with the home of your dreams, while still being affordable at the same time.

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